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Aaron Tews – Kinesiologist

Owner, President

Kinesiologist at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA

BSc. Kin, CPT, RK, FMS, BCRPA Trainer of Trainers (aaron@kinesiologists.ca)

Aaron graduated from the University of Victoria with a BSc. Kinesiology in 1993 with a focus in Neural Physiology.  After graduating he immediately started his company VIP (Vancouver Island Professional) Fitness which focused on active rehab, personal training and teaching BCRPA certification courses.  In 2007, he started Infocus Wellness Inc. and began working with other businesses to open facilities in B.C.  He decided to open a facility focusing on Active Rehabilitation, Personal Training and Fitness Education and decided to name the facility KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio – Cloverdale.

His certification, memberships and accomplishments (past and present) include:

Aaron has almost 30 years of experience as a kinesiologist and is the owner of KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio (dba InFOCUS Wellness Inc.).  Aaron’s current focus is on:
Aaron Tews kinesiologist