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janelleJanelle Wheale

BCRPA Certified Personal Trainer,Trained in Ballet Barre Fitness

A little about Janelle:


First and foremost Janelle is a wife and mom of 2 young children.

Once tipping the scales at 498.8lbs, she battled back! In a little over 3 years Janelle has lost 250lbs  and she is still going strong. Way to go, Janelle!  Once she experienced the joy healthy eating and exercise provided, she decided to become a certified personal trainer through BCPRA. The reason – to share her knowledge with those who may in the same situation she was.

As Janelle says, “There is something about watching someone transform and finding their mind body connection that really sparks my passion for what I love to do.”  Janelle loves Barre Fitness, heavy weight training, body confusion, circuits classes, yoga, but most of all, “the high from pushing my body and mind from saying ‘I can’t’ to ‘I did that!'”

If your looking for out of the box training with someone who gets it, Janelle is your perfect trainer. She is down to earth and very easy to talk to about your goals regarding getting in shape and weight loss. What are you waiting for?  Call her today at (six-zero-four) 736-9858.