Testimonials for Janelle

Testimonials for Janelle

March 2014: “I have been working out with Janelle since July 2013 – having been injured previously I was very cautious but also an avid runner and gym rat in the past – I’m sure I will make it back to my previous level of fitness with her help and will do it all without injury.  It may take a while as I am also a foodie but I am sure she will eventually work me hard enough that I can once again eat whatever I want (within reason) hahahah – Seriously, I have referred people to Janelle who have known me for years and I would not do that unless I had the utmost faith in her and her method of working with people – she is spectacular and only a little mean.”   Beverly

March 2014: “My life changed on Nov 21 2013. I had my first training session with Janelle. Her story was so inspiring it made me feel like I could accomplish my goals.

Throughout my journey Janelle has been incredibly supportive as a friend and a trainer. Always pushing me to do better. I have so far lost 17 pounds and 17 inches and feel amazing. The best part is trying on those clothes you kept in case you might fit in them again one day and then need a belt to keep the jeans up!!!! Thank you Janelle. I know I could not do it without your help and support.”  Jennifer. D

March 2014:I met Janelle I think about 3 years ago after she had lost over 200 lbs and I was so inspired. I started working out with her off and on and on April 8,2013 we started our journey together. I committed to working out 3 times a week and have done so for almost a year. I have a few back issues and Janelle has gone out of her way to help me make my back stronger. She has asked for advise from her experts as to the best way to help me.  I love that our workouts are always different. I never know what we are doing until I see her. I never have a boring workout and the hours flys! Janelle has also helped me to make better choices regarding food. I find I’m making healthier choices and as a result I have more energy and have lost a few pounds. I haven’t reached my weight goal yet but I feel I will reach it soon with Janelle’s guidance. I whole  heartily I recommend Janelle as trainer extraordinaire!” Deborah S.

March 2014: “I met Janelle, through a mutual friend in June 2013. The story of her own personal journey truly inspired me to become more fit and more healthy in my own life. She is an amazing fountain of knowledge, both in her workouts and in her nutritional guidance. I’ve had my share of health issues and injuries over time and Janelle always takes that into consideration when planning my sessions. Her willingness to adjust or offer alternatives for things that might be too difficult for me is bar none. The fact Janelle changes the workouts each time, makes it fun and seem so much less of an effort. Through her sense of humour, guidance, persuasion, the occasional gentle shove, I have lost 15.5 inches and 12 pounds off my body since last June. That’s incentive for me to keep going.  Not only have I gained an amazing trainer, I have gained someone, I am honored to say, has become a lifelong friend.” Jeanne