If your occupation involves sitting for long periods at a time, you might notice your shoulders and neck start to feel really tight by the end of a day. Here are a few quick tips you can do during the work day to help relieve or reduce the amount of discomfort in those areas.

  1.  Get up for a bit every 15 minutes or so.  Go for a minute walk around the office, just stand up to move some files, get your printing, or go get a drink.
  2. Adjust your seat height so you can comfortably rest your elbows on the desk, without having the shoulder rise up towards the ears.
  3. Sneak in a few gentle neck stretches while sitting in between paragraphs or number crunching.
  4. Try some shoulder shrugs – make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together as you shrug.
  5. Bring the keyboard, phone or mouse a bit closer to your body so that you aren’t reaching when using them.
  6. Sit upright in your chair – ears over your shoulders over your hips.  Do not lean forwards to read your screen or slouch to do so.
This information is provided as a general guide only and should be used with caution.  Information provided should not be viewed as medical advice. Always seek medical attention for health issues.
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