April Awareness Promotion – One-on-One Session with Carey

Carey K - rounded corners 2014During the month of April, we at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA want to bring awareness to the importance of proper technique and correct body movements.  Ever wonder why certain exercises leave you with aches and pains? Or do you feel you are not getting the most out of your workouts?

Book an appointment with kinesiologist, Carey Kaplan today, and take advantage of our promo deal – only $35+tax for a one-on-one session!

This individualized attention, in our private Kitsilano studio, will help get your body moving the way it’s supposed to!   She’ll teach you proper techniques so you can continue being active and leading that healthy lifestyle.  Call today to book your appointment : (six-zero-four)-736-9858.

To place order for sessions via online payment options, click button below:

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