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“Instructing Certification Courses since 1993”

KINESIOLOGISTS.CA aligned with the certification process of BCRPA in 1993 (previously as VIP Fitness) – that’s 27 years ago! Our solid understanding of the process will benefit you as a learner so you can complete the process in an efficient and timely manner. KINESIOLOGISTS.CA is also a Personal Training & Active Rehabilitation Company as well . So, you will receive instruction from a company that understands your future challenges as a trainer. This is very unique as most certification courses for personal trainers are taught without this link or direct understanding.

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There are many choices for health and fitness certification today, but KINESIOLOGISTS.CA has continued to support the BCRPA’s process. We disclose all prices up front so you are not hit with unexpected fees you did not budget for. Lastly, all courses can be paid for individually so you are not paying for courses you may never finish. Here is the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA approach to the certification process:

Cert Process - No Prices 2016

Many changes have occurred in the last few years with the BCRPA leadership and certification process, but for those looking to begin a career in the field, this governing body can still be a decent choice. KINESIOLOGISTS.CA is now in the process of obtaining credentials for other personal training certifications, so stay tuned for more information later this year.

Fine Print: You are personally responsible for obtaining any and all pre-requisites for the courses or exams/evaluation offered by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) you register in (classroom or correspondence versions or ICE’s).  It is not  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) position to determine if you are eligible to take a course or exam/evaluation. Should you decide to take a course or exams/evaluation in an incorrect sequence, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba), the instructors or assistants cannot be held responsible in any way.  Also, making incorrect statements about your certification completions at any time could render your certification invalid by the provincial certification association.  Please read our Terms and Conditions contract before ordering: Click Here >>

The following is from the BCRPA website:

The British Columbia Recreation and Parks Association (BCRPA) is a not for profit organization dedicated to enhancing quality of life in our province. Since 1958, the Association has provided leadership and training, fostering the principles of accessibility and inclusiveness, to help members meet provincial and local priorities.
The BCRPA and its extensive network of members, in the parks, recreation, physical activity and culture sector support the development of healthy individuals and communities and sustainable environments and economies.

BCRPA Strategic Intent
The BCRPA is a recognized leader in building healthy, active individuals and communities.

BCRPA Mission
The BCRPA is committed to leading the parks, recreation and culture sector in building and sustaining healthy active communities, including fostering economic and environmental sustainability. We inspire and support community leaders and practitioners through advocacy, communication, education, and resources.