BCRPA Expired PT Certification (12-24 months)

BCRPA Expired PT Certification (12-24 months)


It happened…  You let your BCRPA Personal Training Certification expire.  It has been between 12 to 24 months since you last registered and you know you have some work ahead of you.  Well, we at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA can help!

QUESTION: So, what do I need to do to re-certify and get up to date again?

ANSWER: It is quite simple if you follow the steps below. All forms referred to can be clicked on and downloaded immediately.

Leaders must contact the BCRPA office to begin the renewal process and will need to complete the following three (3) sections.

We offer a package deal to complete the ICE evaluations marking (Step 2 & 3) for only $289+GST at our private Studios in either Cloverdale/Surrey or Kitsilano  locations.  Call (604-372-3233) or email (info@kinesiologists.ca) with questions.

1. General Requirements:

    • Pay BCRPA a $75 late renewal fee
    • Pay BCRPA the Fitness Program Membership Fee ($140 / 2 years)
    • Obtain 16 CECs for fitness leaders
    • Provide Proof of current CPR (minimum: CPR-A)
    • Proof of current First Aid (minimum: Emergency or Standard First Aid)

2. Weight Training ICE requirements:

  • Complete 5 scenarios programs
    • Use FORM C2  (x5) (click to download).  If you cannot remember how to complete the FORM C2, download a sample here (SAMPLE).
    • Scenarios can be found on FORM E (click to download)
  • For the practical portion bring a blank FORM D (click to download), but there is nothing on this form to complete in advance.  At the practical session, you will be:
    • Demonstrating the principles of a Warm Up (Section  C).
    • Demonstrating 10 exercises as  listed (Section D).

3. Personal Training ICE requirements:

  • For the Personal Training, choose ONE scenario (click HERE to download) to complete the following forms:
  • For the practical portion bring the following forms and be prepared to complete:
    • FORM F – Part 1: Demonstrate the proper execution of a lower back/hamstrings flexibility test
    • FORM F – Part 2: Know the 4 sites for the girth measurements and be prepared, with tape measure, to perform a girth measurement at a single site.
    • FORM G – be prepared to demonstrate, from your program designed above, 3 exercises and 3 stretches.
    • FORM H – this is the summary sign-off sheet and nothing is completed in advance.
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