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bcrpa-fitness-theory-practice-examWelcome to the BCRPA Fitness Theory Practice Exam Section.  These exams are designed to be tougher than the certification exams, but use similar language (a little ambiguous at times).  Please enter your real name for the quiz to work properly. GOOD LUCK!

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You will be able to take a quiz as many times as you would like as the questions are randomized and so are the answer choices (a quiz will never be the same twice). Want some exam writing pointers?  This link may help!

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We have also found out these exams really help with writing the MFC (Manitoba Fitness Council) Fitness Theory Exam too!


“Thanks for your mock tests. I wrote the theory exam today and aced it.” Len L.

“Oh my gosh these are helpful!! Thank you.” Karen W.

“Hi Aaron, I wanted to thank you. I purchased the 24 hour option to study for my BCRPA exam and I passed on the first try. I had held off writing it because a lot of people told them it took them up to 3 tries. Your questions really helped me focus on what I didn’t have a good understanding on and made me look up further information. As you know there is a lot of information covered in the course and this really helped me focus on what concepts I needed to develop a better understanding on. I also chose the home study option therefore; couldn’t really tell what I was mistaken on. Again, this really helped strengthen my knowledge! Have a wonderful day!” Sherina C.

“Hi Aaron, Just wanted to pass along how super-doper incredibly helpful those practice exams were!!!! I passed the MFC [Manitoba] theory exam with a 93%!!!!! A few of my yoga friends just wrote their theory exams today , used the practice exams & said they were soooo grateful that they used them. Needed to share!!! Thanks!!!” Jackie C.

“Hey Aaron, I passed! Your exam prep quizzes were really helpful. Thanks again for sending me the code so late at night.” Curtis G.

“Helpful… I just crushed the exam!  Recommended it to someone who didn’t pass. Cheers.” Robin D.

“Just wanted to let you know I finally PASSED my Fitness Theory Exam yesterday.  Thank you for these practice quizzes, something finally clicked in my brain with your muscle action questions :)” Michelle R.

“Fitness Theory exam passed this morning! Yay!!! The practice tests were great. They put my mind at ease as I realized I knew more than I thought! What an awesome tool!” Melinda F.

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FREE SAMPLE EXAM (15 Q's): Check your BCRPA Fitness Theory knowledge with this free quiz. Failing it means more practice needed.Click Here to Start >>
Exam #1 (60 Questions): General fitness knowledge.
Exam #2 (60 Questions): General fitness knowledge.
Exam #3 (60 Questions): Vague and difficult.
Exam #4 (30 Questions): Muscles and muscle movements.
Exam #5 (30 Questions): Muscles and muscle movements.
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