BCRPA Group Fitness practicum hours FAQs

BCRPA Group Fitness 8 practicum hours FAQs

Answers from BCRPA regarding the 8 practicum hours required for the group fitness certification prior to group fitness

the Group Fitness ICE.  Here is a link to the BCRPA Scope of Practice documentation: Click Here

QUESTION: What style of class constitutes a BCRPA approved group fitness class  for obtaining credit for the 8 hours?  Would Zumba or a spin class count?

ANSWER: “Any class where the instructor is leading a group, so long as it falls within Scope of Practice, will qualify for the 8 hour practicum. I would be careful of teaching at Oxygen because hot classes are not covered under group liability insurance.” – BCRPA

QUESTION: Does a BCRPA certified Group Fitness instructor need to participate in the group class for the practicum hours to count?

ANSWER: “It isn’t as black and white as someone needing to be in the room, per se – if there is a supervisor in the facility who is aware that this person is teaching the class and is willing to vouch for them/step in should a safety issue arise, the hours will count.” – BCRPA

If you have more questions regarding the BCRPA Group Fitness course via the correspondence or classroom based versions, please give us a call or email as we would be glad to answer any and all of your questions.

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