BCRPA Insurance Links (for new Fitness Leaders)

I am often asked for this information as few actually find it on the BCRPA website. So, I figured I would post it for all!

Here are the links from the BCRPA and insurance company website to obtain proof of your insurance after you register with BCRPA as a Fitness Leader.   This information is regularly required as proof when applying for jobs in the fitness industry, so keep handy.

The steps which to obtain the information:

  1. http://www.bcrpa.bc.ca/fitness_program/registration/insurance.htm
  2. http://tos.hubinternational.com/fitness-leaders/
  3. http://tos.hubinternational.com/british-columbia/
  4. http://tos.hubinternational.com/uploadedfiles/tos/bcrpa%20confirmation%20of%20insurance.pdf

You can print off the form (from link 4) and show the facility a copy of our BCRPA registration as a Weight Trainer. It does not appear it has been updated since last year though.

**This information is not for Personal Trainer insurance.

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