Does ceasing exercise induce depressive symptoms?

A recent study in the Journal of Affective Disorders “Does ceasing exercise induce depressive symptoms? A systematic review of experimental trials including immunological and neurogenic markers” by Morgan, Julie A. et al. (Journal of Affective Disorders , Volume 234 , 180 – 192) found the following highlights:

  • No trials studied exercise cessation related depressive symptoms in depression.
  • Depressive symptoms were significantly higher in female participants than in male participants.
  • Depressive symptoms arose without changes in neurotrophic or immune biological markers.
  • High-quality trials in healthy adults and patients with depression are needed.

Talk to many who had to stop training and they will agree.  As much as regular exercise contributes to lowering depressive symptoms, stopping an exercise program may induce depressive symptoms.

So, remember this study the next time you are thinking about skipping your regular workout!

Link to study:

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