Benefits of HIGH mid-life GRIP STRENGTH on longevity

handgrip_dynamometerHere is a recent study (May 2011) on grip strength in men and longevity – another reason to maintain strength as we age.

The main results of a study following men for 44 years until their death were that having:

  • good muscle strength (high grip strength measurement),
  • being physically active,
  • not smoking,
  • and absence of chronic conditions at the age of 62 years,
  • as well as having a long-lived mother

each contributed 1 to 3 years for the length of remaining life.

The same variables also correlated with the likelihood of becoming a centenarian.

These findings expand earlier analyses showing low midlife grip strength predicts an increased risk of disability and death (!po=86.1111).  Check out the norms (combined left and right hands in kgs) used here (

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