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At KINESIOLOGISTS dot CA, our aim is to provide everyone with a memorable fitness or educational experience. Whether you are looking for active rehabilitation, take your exercise routine to the next level (or starting level), or begin a career as a certified personal trainer or kinesiologist, we can help.

Fitness & Active Rehabilitation: Our basic fitness philosophy can be boiled down into two key words: effective and efficient. We realize that time is the most precious commodity that each of us have and we promise not to waste any of it and our goal is to help enhance your ability to spend your time doing the activities you truly enjoy when you invest some of your time exercising with us. Every exercise selected is based on the unique set of wants and needs that each person presents We will not waste your time, energy or money with useless exercises that don’t get you and your body closer to where you want to be.

Courses and Workshops: Through VIP Fitness, we have certified thousands of trainers over the last 20 years. If you would like to begin a new career as a certified personal trainer or kinesiologist, our courses and workshops can get you started. And as owners of 2 training facilities, we understand the skills required to be successful. Our primary certification process is through the BCRPA (British Columbia Recreation & Parks Association.  Interested in becoming certified?  Have a look at the site or feel free to call us at (six-zero-four)-736-9858.

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