Health & Fitness Assessment

Health & Fitness Assessment

“A fitness assessment is the best way to objectively determine where your fitness level is currently and determine where you have improved.” – Aaron Tews

Do you consider yourself a dedicated exerciser or a couch potato? Whether you are in pursuit of superior physical fitness and optimal body mechanics or simply want to get started on a fitness program, an assessment or screen can help guide you to the next level of physical fitness.

The purpose of our Fitness Assessment Services is to determine where you are in your pursuit of being physical active, and then to make recommendations on how you can progress to the next level. Our assessment tools provide detailed results which are accurately determined by hands-on testing. Our assessment services will provide you with objective information from which to become deeply involved in the health and function of your body.

Full Fitness Assessment: This assessment covers all the key areas of good physical conditioning: cardiovascular (also known as aerobic) fitness, strength (which includes muscular power and endurance), body composition and flexibility. We also look at how often you exercise, whether or not you enjoy it, and what your favourite activities are. We give you a summary of how well you are doing in each of these key areas, followed by specific suggestions on improving where needed.

Personal Training ServicesFeePurchase
Full Fitness Assessment with Report
-1.5 hour session (approx.)
-Includes Assessment Report
Full Fitness Assessment with Report - RETEST
-1 hour session
-Includes updated Assessment Report (prior results)