The KIN is IN – Tip to keep driving in comfort without pain

The KIN is IN – keep driving in comfort without pain.

Attention drivers:  Stop driving with a wallet in your back pocket.

A wallet in your back pocket tilts your pelvis and spine to one side, placing stress on your lower back.  When seated, a wallet in your back pocket may place pressure on your sciatic nerve leading to additional discomfort in your lower back and down the leg.

This tip applies to anyone sitting for an extended period of time.

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The KIN is IN – Tip to keep driving in comfort without pain

The KIN is IN – keep driving in comfort without pain.

Attention drivers: another tip for those of you spending time to and from work in your vehicles.  This week I’m going to specifically address those who already have low back pain.

Stop getting in and out of your car one leg at a time! That side step can place additional stress on your lumbar spine by dis-levelling and rotating your hips. Instead try this next time:

  • When getting in your car: After opening the vehicle door turn to face the opposite direction. Feet shoulder width apart, lower yourself on to the car seat as if you were lowering yourself into a squat. Once seated, your feet should still be on the pavement. Now swivel to the right to put the feet on the drivers mat.
  • When getting out of your car: Perform the opposite movement as above. Swivel both your legs out to the left so that your feet are now resting on the pavement. Squat upwards.

This in and out technique is less evasive to the low back and safer. Your sore low back will thank you.

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NEW WORKSHOP – Kettlebells For Trainers Series – Workshop #1

Kettlebells For Trainers Series

Proudly hosted by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA at their Langley Location

Workshop #1 – The Centre of the Kettlebell Universe

KETTLEBELL1It has been said that if someone could only do two exercises, the Kettlebell Swing & Turkish Getup would be the ultimate combination.  This workshop will provide fitness trainers with techniques to teach and troubleshoot these 2 kettlebell lifts.

  1.  Kettlebell Swing: a powerful ‘Fat-Burning, Athlete-Builder’, using an extremely effective combination of speed and tension to build serious endurance and explosive power for your clients. The Swing (and its older sibling The Snatch) has been scientifically proven to burn more calories than almost any other form of exercise.
  2. Turkish Getup: will ‘bulletproof’ your client’s body, providing greatly improved strength, stability, mobility AND posture. The Getup serves an additional purpose as its own form of movement screen, exposing side to side asymmetries and allowing the Trainer to create a more balanced body with a reduced non-contact injury risk. 

Together, the Swing and Getup form an excellent base from which to excel at all other lifts. Definitely must-haves in any Trainer’s toolbox!

Learn the industry-leading StrongFirst approach to kettlebell lifting from SFG Level 2 Instructor, Steve McMinn.

Workshop information & registration:

    • When: May 31, 2014 from 10am-1pm
    • Where: Fitness Unlimited, Langley (20501 Logan Ave.)
    • Cost: only $59+tax (introductory price).
    • Instructor: Steve McMinn, SFG2, CK-FMS, CPT
    • BCRPA CEC’s: 2.5
    • Registration: To register, call 604-736-9858, email or click add to order below:


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Changes to BCRPA Correspondence / Distance Learning Certification Courses

bcrpa logoAs with all certifying bodies, BCRPA makes changes to how courses are offered and the requirements to be considered completed successfully.  At this point, BCRPA has implemented new standards for online courses to ensure gym competency – which is welcomed from KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s perspective!

Here are a few highlights of the upcoming changes to the correspondence / distance learning courses.

  • Each course must include a minimum of 3 hours of video assignments. The student is to demonstrate each component of the ICE and the TFL provides them with feedback.
  • The video can be pre-recorded or done live via services like Skype.
  • The videos are of the student only – they are NOT teaching other people. 
  • Courses which will require video component:
    • Aquatic Fitness
    • Group Fitness
    • Weight Training
    • Personal Training

These changes will be incorporated into the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA correspondence courses immediately.  The videos will not be difficult to do, and simply be a review of information presented in the course.

More to come!

Aaron Tews, BSc Kin, RK, FMS, BCRPA Trainer of Trainers
President – InFOCUS Wellness Inc. (DBA KINESIOLOGISTS.CA)
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Take charge of your cravings and make them work for you!

saladHere is a great article which covers cravings we often have for certain foods.  Here is a sample of the cravings and what your body may be looking for that are covered in the article:

  • Salty foods
  • Chocolate
  • Sugary snacks and starches
  • Carbonated beverages
  • Fatty foods

Click to link to read the whole article:

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April Awareness Promotion – One-on-One Session with Carey

Carey K - rounded corners 2014During the month of April, we at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA want to bring awareness to the importance of proper technique and correct body movements.  Ever wonder why certain exercises leave you with aches and pains? Or do you feel you are not getting the most out of your workouts?

Book an appointment with kinesiologist, Carey Kaplan today, and take advantage of our promo deal – only $35+tax for a one-on-one session!

This individualized attention, in our private Kitsilano studio, will help get your body moving the way it’s supposed to!   She’ll teach you proper techniques so you can continue being active and leading that healthy lifestyle.  Call today to book your appointment : (six-zero-four)-736-9858.

To place order for sessions via online payment options, click button below:

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