BCRPA FITNESS THEORY COURSE (Aug 15-17) – Jump-start a career in the health / fitness industry!

KIN-BCRPA-Fitness-TheoryThinking about a career in the health & fitness industry?

Would you like to be a certified and insured personal trainer, weight training leader, yoga instructor, aqua-fit instructor, group fitness instructor or bootamp instructor? You’ll need to take this mandatory first course.

We are offering the BCRPA* (provincially approved) first step course – Fitness Theory this month in Langley. This is a ‘fast track’ course for those who currently work full time – one FULL weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday). There is a little pre-course reading and study so we can focus on learning the concepts of human physiology and anatomy.  After completing this course, you will need to complete the provincial exam and then register with BCPRA.   *BCRPA is the BC Recreation & Parks Association (see bcrpa.bc.ca).

Class Details

  • Date:  August 15, 16 & 17,  2014
  • Time:   Friday (5pm-9pm), Saturday & Sunday (9am-6pm)
  • Location: KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (located in Fitness Unlimited – 20501 Logan Ave, Langley)
  • What to wear: Layers – as the temperature can vary. Gym gear not required.
  • Course Fee: $359 (+ tax) = $376.95
  • Presenter: Aaron Tews, B.Sc. Kinesiology
  • To Register: info@kinesiologists.ca or 604-736-9858
  • More info: kinesiologists.ca/wp/bcrpa-certification/2014-classroom-course-schedule/

We at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA pride ourselves on offering the highest quality courses in a very relaxed, learning-focused environment.  We also have a very high ‘first time writing’ pass percentage for the provincial exam.  Have a look at what past student say about their experience with KINESIOLOGISTS.CA here: kinesiologists.ca/wp/bcrpa-certification/2014-classroom-course-schedule/

Extra Bonus ButtonBONUS: Register for this course and receive access to our online PRACTICE EXAMS for FREE for 1 month ($59 value).

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Cycle Trip 2014 – Calgary II (Day 1 – June 20)

Day 1 – June 20, 2014

Day 1 - Hope-Merritt (MAP)

Aaron Tews’ Route for Day 1 of cycle trip to Calgary – June 20 2014

Trip Agenda:

  • Goal: Hope to Merritt
    • Predicted: Highway 5 (Coquihalla) from Hope then Coldwater Road into Merritt (to bypass the additional elevation). Ended up staying on Highway 5 entire way due to warning about riding on Coldwater Road alone on a bike (guy in food truck at Coquihalla Summit).
  • Distance:Day 1 - Hope-Merritt (Elevation)

    • Predicted: ~115kms
    • Actual: 121kms
  • Elevation (Google Maps):

    • 1775m (5824 feet)
  • Time to complete:

    • Predicted: 7 hours 54 minutes
      Day 1 - Max speed of 60kmh
       Day 1 - Coquihalla 6h41m on bikeDay 1 - Avg 17.8 kmh
    • Actual: 6 hours 41 minutes
    • Fastest speed: 60km/hr (into Merritt – YIKES!)
    • Average speed: 17.8km/hour

Packed and ready Day 1 - Loaded CRV Day 1 - Tims in Hope 3I was cycling by 6:30am.  It was cold – about 7 degrees C and lightly raining.  As I began the ride, the true magnitude of my goal and the solitude hit me.  For some reason, I became a little nervous about what I was actually doing.  However, once I started the uphill grind, I settled down.

The day was perfect for the ride.  It alternated between light rain and simply overcast so itDay 1 - Coquihalla Burned out Vehicle Day 1 - Coquihalla 1 Day 1 - Coquihalla 4 Day 1 - Coquihalla 9never got too hot.  Once I
hit the bear snowshed, I knew I was committed.  The incline at this point of the Coquihalla destroys cars (see picture) , but for some reason, I felt really strong and powered all the way up.  At the summit, I overheard someone mention it was 3 degrees C (where the toll both used to be) which would explain why I was so cold.  I spent 30 minutes in the heated rest area warming up, hydrating and snacking.

Found a food truck at another rest stop a little further on and had a PowerAid and cookie for Day 1 - Coquihalla Summit 3 Day 1 - Coquihalla  Snow Shed 4 Day 1 - Coquihalla  Snow Shed 2$8 – but was it good!  It was here the vendor warned me about riding along Coldwater Road alone and on a bike.  I heeded his warning and stayed on Highway 5 all the way into Merritt.  The differences between staying on Highway 5 and Coldwater Road – about 500m in elevation and the traffic!

The push to the summit before Merritt was definitely a mental challenge – every corner lead Day 1 - Coquihalla Long Road Aheadto another incline.  I had forgotten how steep the climb was the last time I drove it in the car. Once I got into a groove, I found I could maintain about 17kms per hour. I even had a few cars and rigs honk their horns in support!  You can see where I was heading in the distance!

It was a relief to hit the summit before Merritt and begin riding downhill for a while.  This Day 1 - Coquihalla Burned out Vehicleturned to a panic as I quickly hit 60 km/h!  It seemed the brakes on my bike were struggling to slow me down.  After about 10 minutes of hard brake use, I pulled over and stopped to give times for the brakes to cool off and have some water.  After about 10 minutes resting, I touched the front brake router and actually burned my fingers.  It was a good thing I pulledDay 1 - Coquihalla Merrit (couldnt stop) over as I’m guessing my brakes were close to failing.  For the rest of the
decent, I took my time keeping the bike at around 30kms / hour.

I decided to check into a hotel for the night as Day 1 - Coquihalla Bike in Roomthe campsites were quite a distance out of town.  It was quiet and clean and by 8:30pm I was out cold!

Next Blog Post:  Cycle Trip 2014 – Calgary II (Day 2)

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Retention of Client Records for Kinesiologists

Retention of Client Records_client_records

SUMMARY: Keep records for 15 years.

Practicing members are reminded that with the amendments to the Limitations Act in June of 2013, the Basic Limitation Period for filing a court proceeding is now two years, while the Ultimate Limitation Period is 15 years. This does not include the mandatory Discovery Period.

It is important to note that there are Special Discovery Rules that can postpone or extend the discovery period. For kinesiologists these will typically be related to disability of a claimant or if the claimant is a minor, however other situations may apply and you should familiarize yourself with the rules.

Kinesiologists should ensure they retain client records for an appropriate time period. The BCAK’s current general recommendation is to keep records for a maximum of 15 years from the date of discharge of a client. This recommendation is only a guideline and each kinesiologist needs to assess their own situation and determine an appropriate retention policy based on their type of work and clientele.  

Information is from the BCAK Newsletter (July 2014)

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Sign-up Bonus – BCRPA Personal Training Course this Weekend in Langley

Extra Bonus ButtonBONUS OFFER!  Are you or someone you know interested in taking the BCRPA Approved Personal Trainer Course starting this weekend (July 19/20 & 26/27) at Fitness Unlimited in Langley offered by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA?

Sign-up between now and Friday and receive for FREE a $99 Personal Training Package.  The package includes:

  • The Personal Training FORMS Manual – all the forms needed to start your own business.
  • The EXERCISE DIAGRAMS Manual – over 80 pages of exercises and the text on how to perform them – very beneficial when designing client take home programs.
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An Inspirational Story – Brendan Journey

ctv_imageAn inspirational story – and a must watch! This is the CTV News story about Brendan and his journey. At only 16 years old, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA had the opportunity to instruct him on his journey to become a personal trainer.  Click this link for the news story: http://bc.ctvnews.ca/video?clipId=399834&playlistId=1.1915763&binId=1.1184694&playlistPageNum=1

With all the t-shirts he could have worn, it was so cool to see him sporting his KINESIOLOGISTS.CA t-shirt for his big television debut!

We are all behind you, Brendan! 

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Personal Training Course (BCRPA Approved) – Langley on July 19-20 & 26-27, 2014

certifiedCome and join us for the next BCRPA approved Personal Training certification course in Langley.  This is the final step in becoming a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer. The course will give you the tools to safely and confidently design personalized fitness programs for your clients.  

Course Content:

  • The course guides you through and covers the topics: anatomy, physiology, anatomical planes, practical application of lever principles, nutrition, the effects of medications and certain food, health screening, testing and evaluation, medical limitation, cardio respiratory program design, muscular strength and endurance program design, machines vs. free weights, postural analysis, stretching program design, adherence, motivation, counselling  communication, legal issues and business administration.

This very thorough course will ensure you are comfortable training your clients.

The course will be held over 2 consecutive weekends in July (19-20 & 26-27), 2014.  For more information, call 604-736-9858 or visit kinesiologists.ca

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