New KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Shirts & Hoodies Available tomorrow!~

Our NEW t-shirt design for KINESIOLOGISTS.CA will be available tomorrow (March 13 2014)!   We’ll have regular neck and V-neck as well as zip-up hoodies available! Limited supplies!

T-Shirt Layout (2014) - FINAL

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KIN Marketing Tip of the Week (March 10, 2014): Time to check out your schedule!

marketing101KIN Marketing Tip of the Week: Time to check out your schedule!

Does your schedule reflect your PT business goals? Or, do you find yourself playing games on your phone or trolling Facebook and getting absolutely nothing done during less busy times of the day? If you answered yes, then it is time to get yourself a day journal, a ‘to do’ app on your phone, use Google calendar, or even an assistant if that is in your budget.

Having a daily schedule is great for most, but not for all. If you plan to grow your PT business, then time is of the essence. Clients rarely come to you. There will be times when you are very busy and everything is rockin’ and then 3 clients go on holidays, get injured or have emergency surgery, and your schedule is now wide open and your monthly income drops significantly.

If you schedule your time, you will have time to concentrate on things that may only need an hour a week of your attention. For example, maybe you’ve wanted to expand your training to include kids, but have been too ‘busy.’ Schedule to in your calendar to research and pursue the idea – insurance, feasibility, equipment, location, advertising, competition.

During the mid-day (because we all trainers know between 2-4pm is a slow time of day), and after your research is done, why not try a 4-week ‘Get Fit Kid’ program in your local neighbourhood? Those kids will have a blast and you may be able to charge a very low fee. Keep it to 45 minutes. And remember, out-of-shape parents bring their kids – can you say ‘potential leads’? And kids are an untapped market these days. Think kiddie bootcamp, but super fun!

Training during typical slow times not only keeps you on track to your financial goals for your PT business, but keeps you in the spotlight and your name out there.

So, next time you are playing Flappy Birds on your phone, remember, there is another trainer out there killing it in their PT business because they scheduled their time wisely!

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Simplified BCRPA Weight Training ICE Process Diagram

We have answered many questions regarding how to complete the paperwork for the BCPRPA Weight Training ICE package.  So, here is my simplified diagram of the whole process.  Need to complete your ICE?  We are always available (604-736-9858 or

BCRPA Weight ICE Proceedure 2014


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KIN Marketing Tip of the Week: The New Client Checklist

marketing101Most experienced trainers will have a Client Checklist.  You know, the checklist when you first meet with a client to discuss goals, history and training availability. 

Well, it doesn’t end there. There are a great number of additional items that need to be completed in order to maintain an excellent level of client care.  It is important to have appropriate systems and processes in place to maintain a professional image. Looking after the details is a large part of what convinces a client to re-sign.

Start with devising a checklist for each client file. This is a great way to make sure all clients have filled out all the proper paperwork and received all promised promotional offers. It is all in the details – the extra added values develop a long-term relationship with your clients.

Here is what a typical New Client Checklist consists of:

  • Client file folder
  • Client information package (includes cancellation policy and session expiry dates)
  • Personal Training Contract
  • Completed PAR-Q
  • Completed Lifestyle Questionnaire
  • Completed Medical History Questionnaire (optional)
  • Copy of the client receipt of payment
  • Thank you card / email sent
  • Recipe card for birthday
  • Resources sent to client (chiropractor, physiotherapist, naturopath)
  • Client referral process explained and email sent

Be sure to thoroughly review all completed clients forms before the first training session – make the trainer initials the bottom of each page of each form.  A few years ago, one trainer failed to review the PAR-Q after it was completed and did not notice a YES answer to one of the 7 questions.  Fortunately, no serious health issue resulted, because the liability would have been squarely on the trainer.

Using a checklist before/after the first client meeting will ensure your paperwork is up to date and your client receives excellent customer service. And remember, for legal purposes, all documentation/signed paperwork needs to be kept on file for 7 years.

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Logging into the BCRPA Registry: Tips & Tricks

The following tips and tricks are from the latest BCPRA newsletter.

1. Logging In:

Go to and click the ‘Login’ link at the top right corner of the screen.  If you have already created a password for your account, input your email address and password and click ‘log in’.

If this is your first time logging in, click the ‘reset password’ link, and type in your email address, then click ‘E-mail new password’.  You’ll see a message that says instructions have been sent to your email address. An email will then be sent to you, with a link for a one-time login.  Click the link in the email, then click ‘log in’.  You’ll be prompted to type in a new password, twice.  Do so and then click ‘save’.  The Registry then asks you to confirm the contact information it currently has for you.  Edit as necessary, then click ‘save’ again.

2. Finding your Leader ID: 

You can look up your Leader ID anytime.  When you’re logged into your account, click MAIN PAGE at the top left of the page. Then midway down the page, under “Leader ID”, you’ll see your 5-digit leader ID.  While you’re on that page, you can also see your current status.  It could say “Up to date” in green print, or “About to Expire” in orange print, or “Expired” in red print.

Finding your Expiry Date:  

There are two places where you can see your expiry date.  Method 1: on your profile page.  Click ‘Profile – View’ on the left hand side of your screen under the “Leader Functions” heading.  The profile screen might be pink and have the word UNPUBLISHED overlying it in uppercase letters.  If so, that means that you have not yet chosen to “list” your profile (make it visible via the leader search function on the home page).  Method 2: on your MANAGE REGISTRATION page.  Click the MANAGE REGISTRATION link at the top of the screen on the grey horizontal menu.

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Kin Marketing Tip of the Week – How to get (more) clients – the million dollar question?

marketing101How do you actually get clients now that you are certified? This is the million dollar question! Well here are a few sure-fire ways to get new clients…

Make your presence known in the community by volunteering your time.
Help others and they’ll help you back. Some simple ways to do his is maybe offer a free workout in the park, or a free workshop about correct form at the local Rec Centre. Even some free small group classes for elderly or teens if you are certified to do it! Just make sure your marketing to your desired niche.

Listen to your clients and they will trust you 
A client will commit to training if they feel you have listened to them – use your active listening skills. Clients are much more likely to make a commitment because of establishing trust with you. Learn to get your client to explain the ‘why’ behind their goal – e.g. why they feel they need to lose weight. As a trainer, don’t try to control or steer the conversation or offer them a goal. Sometimes there may be awkward silence as they think about how to phase their goal to you, and that is ok. Be patient, but focused and be sure you, the trainer, understand where they are coming from and where they want to get to.

Real life proof
People need results to stay motivated. Programs must be results oriented. Clients also like to compare their progress on your program with others doing the same. They will more likely to believe your program the best because you can provide success stories! The use of “before and after pictures” can be invaluable. But use with caution as some are not comfortable initially to have their picture taken. One successful trainer in Victoria, BC, initially offered a discounted 8 week program when the client agreed to before and after pictures and provide a testimonial. 

Be a Rock Star
People tend to want to hang out with confident, successful people. As a trainer, believe you are a successful Rock Star! Don’t be shy when you market yourself – use sayings like: “Call Now” and “Register Now,” “Best training in town,” and “Why wait any longer.”

Be Approachable
People are easily persuaded by people they like. People connect with someone who smiles, has open body language and can easily strike up a conversation. This is your passion, so exude it in every interaction. The more approachable you are, the more likeable you will appear to everyone. One major gym chain in the lower mainland makes new trainers to get 30 signatures from members in 60 minutes on their first day on the job! This forces new trainers learn these techniques very quickly!

Exclusivity gets everyone wanting more. People want what they can’t have or if they think they may miss out. When you market yourself, describe offers that are about to close or go up in price. Make the urgency of the sale or promo exclusive to them – with a time limit. This is how the majority of sales are made.

Janelle Wheale

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