Question: What advice do you have for becoming a great trainer?

I am often asked the following question: “What advice do you have for becoming a great trainer?”

Simply, imagine you are being evaluated or shadowed by someone you respect every time you train your client(s).

Imagine your mentor will provide feedback on your ability to:

    • Choose appropriate exercises for client skill, injury or primary health concern
    • Keep your client on task throughout session
    • Convey directions clearly and concisely
    • Inherently know when an exercise is too difficult / easy
    • Keep your client motivated and encouraged with their progress to date
    • Listen to your client

Be ready to defend all the choices you make while training.  When students or new trainers shadow my sessions, I often find myself answering the question ‘why.’

I suppose there is one last item – put your phone away!  A great trainer gives 100% at all times and is never caught checking their phone during a session (this may simply be a personal pet peeve of mine, but am interested in your feedback on this one).


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Question: What are the typical qualifications required to work as a Kinesiologist

I am frequently asked this question, especially around university graduation:

“What are the typical qualifications I’ll need to find work as a kinesiologist?”

Here is a list of required qualifications you’ll see when applying for a job:

  • Degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics
  • Member of the BCAK
  • Possess Professional Liability Insurance as well as Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Possess valid CPR & First Aid Certificates
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience providing active rehabilitation & rehabilitative assistance
  • Additional certifications such as FMS or Personal Training

Now, you can become a member of BCAK as a student and it is highly recommended! You can begin the registration prior to graduation.  The  CPR & First Aid is required to be eligible for insurance through BCAK as well as most other certifications. 

Becoming a personal trainer will significantly increase your hire-ability due to experience dealing with clients and understanding the basics of the industry.  It may not be directly related to active rehabilitation, but as you will quickly see, most clients have some health issue you’ll have to work with.

Don’t wait until graduation to start preparing for the first job!  Feel free to call us at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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KIN Marketing Tip of the Week #2 (January 2014)

This week is the art of pricing for your Personal Training business. We all start out with the intention to make a boat load of money doing what we love. Trainers charge $30-$100+ an hour – the range is huge. However, the real question you should ask yourself is “What is my hour worth?”  This will lead to other questions such as:

  • Do I train just for the money?
  • Do I train because it’s my passion and money is secondary?
  • Do I train to pay the bills?

You must be clear and precise about what you will charge. There is a reason you spent the time, energy and money to become a trainer and that reason supports the pricing you’ll set.  

Once you have set a price for an hourly session, great!  But, what if your client:

  • Wants to train more than once per week? Do you have a different session price?
  • Pre-purchases 30 sessions. Will you offer a discount?  Will the sessions expire?
  • Wants to commit for 6 months or a year. Do you have an iron clad cancellation policy?
  • Wants to train with a friend?  Do you offer a discounted rate or offer a doubles rate?

There are so many reasons you need to set your pricing before you get training. Winging it can be very overwhelming.  Before you realize it Bob pays $30 a session, Melissa pays $45 and Fred pays $65!  And don’t forget that clients will talk and may be unhappy to find out they are paying double someone else.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before providing pricing:

  • What is your base charge for a single session?
  • Will you offer discounts for 2x per week commitment? Or 3x per week?
  • Do you require a commitment term (like a gym membership) or is it month to month?
  • Will pre-paid sessions expire if not used within a period of time?
  • Does your client pre-pay or pay as they go?
  • Do you offer a referral program discount?

There will always be questions and you may need to work and rework your pricing as you go. But, always remember “WHY” you charge the rates you do – so you can answer honestly when asked.

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If your occupation involves sitting for long periods at a time, you might notice your shoulders and neck start to feel really tight by the end of a day. Here are a few quick tips you can do during the work day to help relieve or reduce the amount of discomfort in those areas.

  1.  Get up for a bit every 15 minutes or so.  Go for a minute walk around the office, just stand up to move some files, get your printing, or go get a drink.
  2. Adjust your seat height so you can comfortably rest your elbows on the desk, without having the shoulder rise up towards the ears.
  3. Sneak in a few gentle neck stretches while sitting in between paragraphs or number crunching.
  4. Try some shoulder shrugs – make sure to squeeze your shoulder blades together as you shrug.
  5. Bring the keyboard, phone or mouse a bit closer to your body so that you aren’t reaching when using them.
  6. Sit upright in your chair – ears over your shoulders over your hips.  Do not lean forwards to read your screen or slouch to do so.
This information is provided as a general guide only and should be used with caution.  Information provided should not be viewed as medical advice. Always seek medical attention for health issues.
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Discount Program (5-15% off) during January 2014

DISCOUNT OPPORTUNITY: Take advantage of this great opportunity! We are offering a discount (5-15%) on all services from today until the end of January 2014. To receive the discount, get your friends and family to simply “LIKE” our KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Facebook Page

    • 5 new “LIKES” receives 5% discount
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    • 15 new “LIKES” receives 15% discount
*Discount applies to posted prices of all services (assessments, personal training, body composition, classes), BCRPA Courses & Workshops or ICE evaluations on the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA site.  Discount applies to one service/course per corresponding “LIKES.”
**You will have to confirm the likes of your friends and family by name to receive the discount – so keep track!
***Excludes all 3rd party billing programs.


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2 for 2

First 2 students (of 9) wrote their BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam today.  Both passed! #congrats #proud @kinesiologists

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