UPCOMING COURSE – BCRPA Fitness Theory (Aug 19, 20 & 21)

Upcoming Courses 2016


BCRPA approved FITNESS THEORY Certification Course on the weekend  of August 19, 20 & 21 – 2016.  Friday (5:00-9pm)  and Saturday/Sunday (9-5pm).  Only 1 spot remaining – call (604-372-3233), email (info@kinesiologists.ca) or click this link to reserve your spot.

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UPCOMING COURSE – BCRPA Group Fitness (Aug 13 & 14)

Upcoming Courses 2016

BCRPA approved GROUP FITNESS Certification Course this weekend (August 13 & 14 – 2016).  Saturday/Sunday (9-5:30pm).  Only 1 spot remaining – call (604-372-3233), email (info@kinesiologists.ca) or click this link to reserve your spot.

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BCRPA WEIGHT TRAINING Course this weekend (June 24, 25 & 26 – 2016)

bcrpa-logo1BCRPA approved WEIGHT TRAINING Certification Course this weekend (June 24, 25 & 26 – 2016).  Friday (5:30-9pm)  and Saturday/Sunday (9-5pm).  Several spots remaining – call (604-372-3233), email (info@kinesiologists.ca) or click this link to reserve your spot.

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BCRPA Group Fitness ICE FAQ’s

BCRPA Group Fitness ICE

BCRPA Group Fitness ICE

There seems to be some confusion regarding the BCRPA Group Fitness ICE.  So, I went straight to the source – BCRPA!  Here are their answers to the common questions when designing your class to be evaluated.

QUESTION:  Can the Group Fitness ICE format ONLY  be completed with a formal aerobic step or aerobic class?

ANSWER: The Group Fitness ICE needs to be in a format that allows the student to fully demonstrate all required aspects of the evaluation, which includes exercise to music.  This means that bootcamp / circuit-style classes would not be eligible if they do not incorporate choreography techniques and are not teaching in time to BPM. It’s not as strict as a formal aerobic / step class though.

QUESTION:  Several rec centres have been saying a BCRPA certified personal trainer is able to teach bootcamps (unlimited participants).  My understanding was a personal trainer is limited to training a max of 3 persons at a time, but a group fitness instructor could teach 4+.  Could you please clarify?

ANSWER: There’s nothing in the Scope of Practice that designates how many participants a Personal Trainer can work with for insurance purposes; however, based on the training received, PTs are not really qualified to teach more than 4 participants at once, unless they are also registered in Group Fitness.

QUESTION:  Is a Group Fitness instructor allowed to teach group classes outdoors (e.g. bootcamp / circuit in a public park)?

ANSWER: Technically their insurance covers them for everywhere except their own home – but if you are teaching in a public space (city park, school field, etc) you may require a permit from the city that allows you to operate a business on city property (if you’re not teaching for free).

Want to schedule your BCRPA Group Fitness ICE?  Call us at 604-372-3233 or email info@kinesiologists.ca

Link to BCRPA Scope of Practice page: SCOPE

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Exam booking with BCRPA approved External Proctor

Here is how to set up an individual exam booking with a BCRPA approved external proctor.

BCRPA’s mandate is to separate education from evaluation, so they require that approved proctors have no relationships with the exam candidates, nor any relationships with those who provide fitness education. Thus, Trainers of Fitness Leaders (TFLs), and friends and family members of TFLs, are excluded from acting as proctors. Also excluded are employees of the TFL and/or his/her company.

External exam proctors can ONLY be one of these listed professions. Exams can ONLY take place at a professional setting, such as places of business, public service facilities and educational institutions. No private homes will be approved. One application is required PER exam sitting.

Here is a list of approved proctors:

  • doctors,
  • registered nurses,
  • engineers,
  • lawyers,
  • accountants,
  • notaries,
  • librarians,
  • university and college faculty and instructors,
  • high school teachers,
  • school principals and vice principals,and
  • the clergy

Your chosen proctor must fill out and submit the following application:  Fitness Theory Proctored Exam Application

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for processing.  Incomplete applications will NOT be processed.

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BCRPA ICE Workshop (SFL)

Are you looking for a new challenge? Expand your professional credentials and take the leap from teaching clients to mentoring the next generation of fitness leaders. This is your opportunity to introduce passionate people like yourself to the world of fitness instructing.

The Instructor Competency Evaluation (ICE) Workshop is one of the requirements for those individuals who wish to obtain their Supervisor of Fitness Leaders (SFL) or Trainer of Fitness Leaders (TFL) designation.

Register for an upcoming ICE workshop today! View more information and access the registration form by clicking on the Workshop Name below. The fee for each course is $60 and is worth 3 CECs.

ICE WorkshopDate & TimeLocationInstructorRegistration Deadline
Weight Training & Personal TrainingWed, March 30 @ 4 - 7 pmVictoria (Crystal Pool)Aaron Tews, BSc KinThurs., March 17
Group FitnessThurs, March 31 @ 4 - 7 pmVictoria (Crystal Pool)Aaron Tews, BSc KinThurs., March 17

If you are unable to attend a scheduled workshop and are interested in attending an ICE Workshop, please contact the BCRPA office directly at 604.629.0965 and speak to the Receptionist or email registration@bcrpa.bc.ca.

Read about all the requirements for becoming a SFL or TFL.

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