The KIN is IN – A tip for all the hard working Moms (and Dads)

The KIN is IN – A tip for all the hard working Moms (and Dads).

When carrying a child: Many parents carry the baby at the side of their body, but how many do it on the same side of the body every day?  Probably a fair number.

When one hip juts out to rest your baby on it, recognize that it may feel comfortable and require less work to your muscles, but in reality it is a very asymmetrical position.  This position often causes muscle soreness and develops muscle imbalances. If you feel the need to carrying carry your child in this position, be sure to switch sides every now and then to avoid developing a muscular imbalance.

The best alternative: hold your baby in the center of your body using both your arms. Do so keeping your core engaged and your shoulders retracted (back and down). Essentially, mix it up a bit. Don’t become too attached to carrying the baby in one position.

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