KIN Marketing Tip of the Week (March 10, 2014): Time to check out your schedule!

marketing101KIN Marketing Tip of the Week: Time to check out your schedule!

Does your schedule reflect your PT business goals? Or, do you find yourself playing games on your phone or trolling Facebook and getting absolutely nothing done during less busy times of the day? If you answered yes, then it is time to get yourself a day journal, a ‘to do’ app on your phone, use Google calendar, or even an assistant if that is in your budget.

Having a daily schedule is great for most, but not for all. If you plan to grow your PT business, then time is of the essence. Clients rarely come to you. There will be times when you are very busy and everything is rockin’ and then 3 clients go on holidays, get injured or have emergency surgery, and your schedule is now wide open and your monthly income drops significantly.

If you schedule your time, you will have time to concentrate on things that may only need an hour a week of your attention. For example, maybe you’ve wanted to expand your training to include kids, but have been too ‘busy.’ Schedule to in your calendar to research and pursue the idea – insurance, feasibility, equipment, location, advertising, competition.

During the mid-day (because we all trainers know between 2-4pm is a slow time of day), and after your research is done, why not try a 4-week ‘Get Fit Kid’ program in your local neighbourhood? Those kids will have a blast and you may be able to charge a very low fee. Keep it to 45 minutes. And remember, out-of-shape parents bring their kids – can you say ‘potential leads’? And kids are an untapped market these days. Think kiddie bootcamp, but super fun!

Training during typical slow times not only keeps you on track to your financial goals for your PT business, but keeps you in the spotlight and your name out there.

So, next time you are playing Flappy Birds on your phone, remember, there is another trainer out there killing it in their PT business because they scheduled their time wisely!

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