FAQ’s – ICBC Claims

Here are typical questions we receive regarding our active rehabilitation program for ICBC.

The following are our ICBC FAQs.

Question: “How many active rehab sessions does ICBC pay for?”

Answer: Every client’s situation is different. Following KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s initial assessment, we can make a recommendation to ICBC as to the number of sessions.

Question: “Do I have to pay for the sessions?”

Answer: In many cases, the answer is no. It often depends on the ICBC adjustor and if a lawyer is involved with your case. In a few instances, there may be a $15-20/session charge which may be fully reimbursed by ICBC. We provide receipts immediately to make this process easy for you. Most often, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA will have the costs of the sessions billed directly to ICBC.

Question: “How long before I can start with active rehab?”

Answer: In most cases, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA will schedule the initial assessment within a day of your request.

Question: “What does KINESIOLOGISTS.CA require prior to scheduling an initial assessment to get started?”

Answer: At the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studios, we require:

  • A doctor’s note recommending active rehab or sessions with a kinesiologist or prior approval from your ICBC Case Manager
  • ICBC Claim # (we can obtain this information from your lawyer if you do not have it)
  • Name of your ICBC Case Manager
  • Lawyer or Law Firm your are using (if applicable)
  • Date of accident
  • Type of treatment since accident (i.e. Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Massage, etc)

Question: “Could you contact me about getting started?”

Answer: Yes we can. Simply fill out the online form at this link and we will call you usually within 24 hours: FORM

Please call or email if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment. (604) 372-3233 or info@kinesiologists.ca