NEW WORKSHOP – Kettlebells For Trainers Series – Workshop #1

Kettlebells For Trainers Series

Proudly hosted by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA at their Langley Location

Workshop #1 – The Centre of the Kettlebell Universe

KETTLEBELL1It has been said that if someone could only do two exercises, the Kettlebell Swing & Turkish Getup would be the ultimate combination.  This workshop will provide fitness trainers with techniques to teach and troubleshoot these 2 kettlebell lifts.

  1.  Kettlebell Swing: a powerful ‘Fat-Burning, Athlete-Builder’, using an extremely effective combination of speed and tension to build serious endurance and explosive power for your clients. The Swing (and its older sibling The Snatch) has been scientifically proven to burn more calories than almost any other form of exercise.
  2. Turkish Getup: will ‘bulletproof’ your client’s body, providing greatly improved strength, stability, mobility AND posture. The Getup serves an additional purpose as its own form of movement screen, exposing side to side asymmetries and allowing the Trainer to create a more balanced body with a reduced non-contact injury risk. 

Together, the Swing and Getup form an excellent base from which to excel at all other lifts. Definitely must-haves in any Trainer’s toolbox!

Learn the industry-leading StrongFirst approach to kettlebell lifting from SFG Level 2 Instructor, Steve McMinn.

Workshop information & registration:

    • When: May 31, 2014 from 10am-1pm
    • Where: Fitness Unlimited, Langley (20501 Logan Ave.)
    • Cost: only $59+tax (introductory price).
    • Instructor: Steve McMinn, SFG2, CK-FMS, CPT
    • BCRPA CEC’s: 2.5
    • Registration: To register, call 604-736-9858, email or click add to order below:


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