Question about being a personal trainer without a health\fitness degree

I recently had the following question I though I would share along with my answer…

QUESTION: I am just wondering if you feel that the BCRPA weight training course and personal training courses give a person adequate information on how to become a knowledgeable personal trainer without having a degree?

ANSWER: In most cases, absolutely! Often, many get hung up on a degree in the area as being better than a trainer with a certification. Well, I can personally attest to the fact that some of the best trainers I have ever met do not have a degree and some do not even have a specific certification other than “life” skills (not a smart way to do it BTW). Additionally, I have known Kinesiology students and university graduates who have never even stepped into a gym!  However, that said, there are always a few who take courses and are not ‘invested’ in their learning – nothing more than a warm body in a seat.  You can see the issue with this. 

For example, at my studio in Vancouver, two have completed university degrees and 4 others do not. It is more about relating to people and having a genuine desire to take a client to a level they never dreamed possible in the safest manner. Is the certification adequate? Being a personal trainer is about a lifelong pursuit of educating yourself. Will you develop skills as you progress? You bet. Will you make mistakes? For sure. Strive to be the best trainer you can be. Align yourself with trainers better than you, so you can learn from them.

I do encourage everyone to strive to further education.  Challenge yourself and never become complacent with your level of knowledge.

Lastly, remember, you cannot train someone’s ‘personality’! Most trainers help other trainers get better – and teach them about the business along the way. The courses teach the basics to get you started and provide a baseline for you to get your business going. As a suggestion, look to be a specialist in an area you have passion for. Success will always follow…

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