Question: What are the typical qualifications required to work as a Kinesiologist

I am frequently asked this question, especially around university graduation:

“What are the typical qualifications I’ll need to find work as a kinesiologist?”

Here is a list of required qualifications you’ll see when applying for a job:

  • Degree in Kinesiology or Human Kinetics
  • Member of the BCAK
  • Possess Professional Liability Insurance as well as Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Possess valid CPR & First Aid Certificates
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience providing active rehabilitation & rehabilitative assistance
  • Additional certifications such as FMS or Personal Training

Now, you can become a member of BCAK as a student and it is highly recommended! You can begin the registration prior to graduation.  The  CPR & First Aid is required to be eligible for insurance through BCAK as well as most other certifications. 

Becoming a personal trainer will significantly increase your hire-ability due to experience dealing with clients and understanding the basics of the industry.  It may not be directly related to active rehabilitation, but as you will quickly see, most clients have some health issue you’ll have to work with.

Don’t wait until graduation to start preparing for the first job!  Feel free to call us at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA if you have any questions.

Good luck!

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