Retention of Client Records for Kinesiologists

Retention of Client Records_client_records

SUMMARY: Keep records for 15 years.

Practicing members are reminded that with the amendments to the Limitations Act in June of 2013, the Basic Limitation Period for filing a court proceeding is now two years, while the Ultimate Limitation Period is 15 years. This does not include the mandatory Discovery Period.

It is important to note that there are Special Discovery Rules that can postpone or extend the discovery period. For kinesiologists these will typically be related to disability of a claimant or if the claimant is a minor, however other situations may apply and you should familiarize yourself with the rules.

Kinesiologists should ensure they retain client records for an appropriate time period. The BCAK’s current general recommendation is to keep records for a maximum of 15 years from the date of discharge of a client. This recommendation is only a guideline and each kinesiologist needs to assess their own situation and determine an appropriate retention policy based on their type of work and clientele.  

Information is from the BCAK Newsletter (July 2014)

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