The KIN is IN – A tip for new Moms

The KIN is IN – A tip for new Moms.

Breast feeding: Many new mothers bring their breast closer to the baby’s mouth when nursing. This leads to a hunched over position with the shoulders rounded, and an excessive forward position of the head. Sitting for extended periods in this position may lead to compressed inter-vertebral discs, stretch already lax postpartum ligaments, and foster existing muscle imbalances at the shoulder joint.

Better position: A less strenuous position is to bring the baby closer to your breast. Begin by sitting in a more ergonomically correct position the next time you breast feed:

  • Sit up taller with your ears aligned over your shoulders
  • Pull your shoulders pulled “back and down” – avoid rounding your shoulders.

A chair with good low back support will go a long way, as will a footrest. A pillow can be used to support you in raising the baby closer to the breast.

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