The KIN is IN – Tip to keep driving in comfort without pain

The KIN is IN – keep driving in comfort without pain.

Attention drivers: another tip for those of you spending time to and from work in your vehicles.  This week I’m going to specifically address those who already have low back pain.

Stop getting in and out of your car one leg at a time! That side step can place additional stress on your lumbar spine by dis-levelling and rotating your hips. Instead try this next time:

  • When getting in your car: After opening the vehicle door turn to face the opposite direction. Feet shoulder width apart, lower yourself on to the car seat as if you were lowering yourself into a squat. Once seated, your feet should still be on the pavement. Now swivel to the right to put the feet on the drivers mat.
  • When getting out of your car: Perform the opposite movement as above. Swivel both your legs out to the left so that your feet are now resting on the pavement. Squat upwards.

This in and out technique is less evasive to the low back and safer. Your sore low back will thank you.

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