Understanding Communication – 5 Ways to Listen Better

Five ways to listen better. (Treasure, 2011). (7 minutes)


 Summary of the video:

5 Ways to better listening”

  • Silence – 3 minutes a day.
  • The Mixer – (even in noisy environment) listen to how many channels of sound you are hearing
  • Savoring – enjoying mundane sounds, eg tumble driver, is a waltz. The hidden choir.
  • Listening positions – you can move your listening position to different places, depending on what you want to hear. Play with them as leavers.
  • RASA – Sanskrit word for juice or essence. Receive, appreciate (oh, ah), summarize (so), ask questions.

Key points:

  • We retain 25% of what we hear
  • Making meaning from sound
  • Mental process of extraction
  • Pattern recognition
  • “Differencing” (pink noise, discount sounds that remain the same)
  • Filters take us down to what we pay attention to, they keep our reality. Intention is very important to listening.
  • Sounds places in space and time. If you close your eyes, you are aware, sound always has time embedded in it.
  • Sonority is time and meaning.
  • We are losing our listening. We invented ways of recording, writing, sound, video. World is so noise; cacophony going on; it is tiring to listen.
  • We are becoming impatient. We are becoming desensitized. It is harder for us to pay attention to the quiet, the understated.
  • Listening is our access to understanding.
  • A world where we don’t listen to each other at all, is a very scary place indeed.
  • Every human being needs to listen consciously,  in order to live fully.
  • Connected in space and time, in understanding, spirituality. We need to teach listening in our schools.

Create a world of connection, understanding, and a world of peace.

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