What students are saying about a KINESIOLOGISTS.CA classroom based course…

Here are a few comments received after the last BCRPA Fitness Theory course of 2014.  Guess I’m doing what I am supposed to 🙂

  • “Dynamic, interactive, practical. I love a teacher who teaches from the heart. When it is a true passion for the instructor they have a way of making the difficult easy, and that is what this course is, a breath of fresh air. Very inspiring and motivating to make me want to get to the next level. I’m very glad my son talked us into all of this. Sometimes one gets to busy with day-to-day to step back and look at the big picture and remember what you enjoyed most in life, movement. It was a wonderful weekend.”

  • “Small size of the class was a bonus Instructor’s knowledge on all aspects of the course as well as his enthusiasm. Informal nature of the class and class participation. “

  • “Thought it was very well thought out the slides/ group activities and the constant breaks all were very productive and brilliant …”

  • “Thanks again look forward to working with you and taking this further …”

  • “There are lots of great instructors in the world but not so many exceptional. To engage the learner, make it fun, and make the complicated seem simple is a gift, you are truly gifted, thank you for sharing your gift with us. It is uplifting. I was very energized after the course and look forward to your next courses. Cheers!”

  • “Enjoyed his method of teaching and his ability to explain the material. Also, his easy going style and many examples he presented from his own experiences, all made the class fun and easier to learn the concepts.”

  • Really thought the team/ hands on stuff helped to really stick the information into the brain.

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