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“I absolutely LOVED this course. Your correspondence courses are so easy to follow!” – Lisa S from Victoria

“Doing the Kinesiologists.ca online distance courses is straight-forward and requires that you are self-motivated and are able to look through reading material that is presented in a structured and succinct way. Aaron is there to fill in any blanks or questions you may have throughout the process with patience and encouragement, which is exactly what you need when life gets in the way of the course. I highly recommend this course and Aaron as an instructor. For many people, there isn’t enough time to take the Fitness Theory, Weight Training and Personal Training courses in person. Aaron makes this all possible and truly cares about your progress along the way. Thanks, Aaron!” – Alex M from Victoria

Our BCRPA distance education courses have been said to be “easy to follow and understand.” Currently, marking is performed by a Aaron Tews, a certified / practicing kinesiologist (BCAK member). Basic email / phone support is included in the price (8am-5pm M-F).

Also included in the price is the optional Practical Session for the BCRPA approved Weight Training & Personal Training Courses – making this course very different from the rest. Thousands of students have taken the courses over the last years 19+.

Please note: These correspondence courses are written for thobcrpa distance education 2017se who possess a basic understanding of the principles of fitness and health, train regularly in the gym or fitness centre and would consider themselves to be good time managers.  If you are unsure if the correspondence option is for you, call prior to ordering – (604) 372-3233.

Also note:  Written exam supervision and practical ICE Evaluations are not included in the course prices below.  For ICE evaluations, please see the following page for prices – Click Here >>

Fitness Theory Correspondence Course (BCRPA Approved)

Correspondence (ONLINE) with E-VERSION of course manual or HARDCOPY of course manual available.

Do you have some experience training and a basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology? This course teaches you how the body functions and responds to exercise and also increases your awareness of fitness and health. Learn how to gain physical, social and emotional well-being by developing your active health. This course is the prerequisite for becoming an instructor for weight training, group classes, seniors, or personal training.
This course consists of 13 assignments (MS Word / Google docs) and is a self paced. Assignments are typically submitted for marking and feedback (optional). You have four (4) months to complete the course.
Additionally, you have email/phone access for course questions.
Upon completion, you will also receive for free 1-month access to 5 online practice exams to prepare you for the BCRPA provincial exam ($69 value).

Option A. $249 +GST
Option B. $279 +GST +$20 Shipping
Weight Training Correspondence Course (BCRPA Approved)

The KINESIOLOGISTS.CA course consists of 6 assignments (in MS Word or .doc format) and takes the average student around 22 hours to complete - many complete the course in just one week. This course is designed for people with some gym training experience. NOTE: You need to be able to travel to Victoria or Vancouver for a practical session or have access to a camera to create videos for technique evaluation.

Option A. $249+ GST
Option B. $279+ GST + $20 shipping
Older Adult/Senior Fitness Correspondence Course (BCRPA Approved)

Don't have time to sit through the BCRPA Older Adult course? Have you completed your Fitness Theory and Weight Training (or Group Fitness)? This course consists of 9 assignments. This is a self paced course - assignments are submitted for marking (optional). You have email/phone access for questions you may have. At the end, you will also receive for free 1-month access our online practice exams to prepare you for the BCRPA provincial exam. An excellent package!

A. You must purchase course manual directly from ACE to complete the course: Click Here

Please call us at 604-372-3233 for more information.
Cost: $299+ GST
Personal Training Correspondence Course (BCRPA Approved)

This course consists of 18 assignments (in MS Word format) and takes the average student the same time as a classroom course to complete - many complete the course assignments in as little as a few weeks. NOTE: You'll need to have access to a camera to create videos for technique evaluation.
Option A. $349+ GST
Option B. $399+ GST + $20 Shipping
Fine Print: 
    • You are personally responsible for obtaining any and all pre-requisites for the courses or exams/evaluation offered by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) you register in (classroom or correspondence versions or ICE’s).  It is not  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) position to determine if you are eligible to take a course or exam/evaluation. Should you decide to take a course or exams/evaluation in an incorrect sequence, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba), the instructors or assistants cannot be held responsible in any way.  Also, making incorrect statements about your certification completions at any time could render your certification invalid by the provincial certification association.  Please read our Terms and Conditions contract before ordering: Click Here >>
    • If a combo package is purchased, there is no refund on incomplete or non-started courses. Please call before purchasing if you have questions.