Fitness Theory Course

Fitness Theory Correspondence Course (BCRPA Approved)

Correspondence (ONLINE) with E-VERSION of course manual or HARDCOPY of course manual available.

Do you have some experience training and a basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology? This course teaches you how the body functions and responds to exercise and also increases your awareness of fitness and health. Learn how to gain physical, social and emotional well-being by developing your active health. This course is the prerequisite for becoming an instructor for weight training, group classes, seniors, or personal training.
This course consists of 13 assignments (MS Word / Google docs) and is a self paced. Assignments are typically submitted for marking and feedback (optional). You have four (4) months to complete the course.
Additionally, you have email/phone access for course questions.
Upon completion, you will also receive for free 1-month access to 5 online practice exams to prepare you for the BCRPA provincial exam ($99 value).

A. PAPERLESS - Non-Printable Manual
B. PAPERLESS - Printable Manual
C. HARDCOPY - Hardcopy of Manual

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