BCRPA ICE Evaluations

BCRPA ICE (Instructor Competency Evaluation)

Weight Training | Group Fitness | Personal Training | Older Adult

Call today to schedule your BCRPA ICE (Instructor Competency Exam) for Weight Training, Group Fitness, Personal Training or Older Adult at (604) 372-3233.

Most BCRPA ICE’s can be scheduled within a few days. The BCRPA ICE is a requirement for the completion of your BCRPA Weight Training, Group Fitness, Older Adult and/or Personal Training courses. Please note – depending on the location you prefer to perform your BCRPA ICE, the cost could increase. Prices below are currently for Cloverdale and Vancouver.

What students are saying:

I have just recently completed the ICE for the Weight Training course and it feels amazing! The support I received from Aaron throughout the process was huge… he happily accepted my Form B (those questions!) in advance so that he could provide encouraging feedback and did the same with my program sheets.  By the time I met him at the studio to demo the exercises, I was so close to done!  I am sure those of us who put this evaluation off (maybe because it feels overwhelming at first) find it was actually very simple in the end:

Complete the question form (which is a GREAT review of the material learned in class) > Design and teach 2 of the programs (once the first is done, the rest just roll!) and finally demo the exercises (where again Aaron’s supportive nature makes it easy and enjoyable!) – thank you Aaron!”   –Alex Rossi

Pricing and options for the ICE (Weight Training, Group Fitness, Older Adult & Personal Training) are listed below.
  • ICE’s must be performed at a KINESIOLOGISTS.CA location Cloverdale or Vancouver or additional travel charges may apply.
  • If you have not completed your paperwork, an additional charge may be applied.

Chose your option:

BCRPA Weight Training ICE$189+GST
BCRPA Group Fitness ICE$189+GST
BCRPA Personal Training ICE$189+GST
BCRPA Older Adult ICE$189+GST
BCRPA ICE COMBO Package - Any 2 of the following ICE's - WT, Group, PT & Older Adult$359+GST
BCRPA REMOTE ICE Option - If you are unable to get to my studio, use videos and / or Zoom to complete. Works for WT, Group, PT & Older Adult ICEs!$249+GST
Fine Print: You are personally responsible for obtaining any and all pre-requisites for the courses or exams/evaluation offered by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) you register in (classroom or correspondence versions or ICE’s).  It is not  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) position to determine if you are eligible to take a course or exam/evaluation. Should you decide to take a course or exams/evaluation in an incorrect sequence, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba), the instructors or assistants cannot be held responsible in any way.  Also, making incorrect statements about your certification completions at any time could render your certification invalid by the provincial certification association.  Please read our Terms and Conditions contract before ordering: Click Here >>