BCRPA Personal Trainer WRITTEN Exam Prep

Personal Trainer WRITTEN Exam Prep

Practice Questions & Scenario for the Personal Training Exam.

Personal Trainer Exam PrepThis is an package which includes the information below to help you prepare for the BCRPA Personal Training exam.  There are 2 sections to this exam:

  • PART A – Short Answer, Fill in the Blank, Matching and True & False
  • PART B – Scenario Question (4 forms to complete).

Please note, you will self-evaluate PART A using the Answer Guide provided.  

PART B is emailed to us at info@kinesiologists.ca for individual marking and evaluation.  To ensure personal trainer exam prep is successful, the individualized marking and evaluation of PART B is required.

Following the final successful evaluation and return of PART B, a summary sheet will be provided in the final preparation for the exam.

Personal Trainer Exam Prep


This is NOT an online practice exam. This is an e-package which includes:

  • Personal Training Workbook of Questions (Short Answer, Multiple Choice, Fill in Blanks & True & False) and ANSWERS.
  • One FULL Personal Training Scenario Question (you will email your answer to the scenario to KINESIOLOGISTS.CA for marking and feedback).
  • Cost: only $149.99+GST


**The personal trainer exam prep materials do not guarantee successful passing of the BCRPA Personal Training exam, nor does it provide questions from the exam.  This is a prep guide and evaluation tool to self-evaluate exam readiness.