FREE SAMPLE BCRPA Fitness Theory Practice Prep Exam

FREE SAMPLE BCRPA Fitness Theory Practice Prep Exam

This is FREE SAMPLE Fitness Theory Practice Prep Exam: Basic Knowledge


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Free Sample Fitness Theory Practice Quiz

This is a free sample preparation quiz for the online BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam. The following questions will test your current knowledge level. Please be sure to read each question carefully. Some questions will ask you to choose all that apply (extra FUN)!

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1. Which of the following factors increases the difficulty of the push-up?

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2. You need to calculate the training heart rate zone for your 33 year old client with a resting heart rate of 71 bpm.  Using the Heart Rate Reserve Method (HRR) (aka Karvonen Method), calculate the recommended training zone between 60-70% in beats per minute (bpm).

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3. Typically, what muscle(s) should be stretched when a person suffers from increased anterior tilt of the pelvis?

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4. Pronation and supination articulations are considered to occur at which joint(s) in the body?

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5. What muscles are primarily responsible for performing transverse adduction (aka horizontal flexion) of the shoulder?

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6. Exercises 1 and 2 are designed to provide:

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7. DEFINITION: Amount of force that can be generated in a SINGLE repetition:

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8. According to Canada's Physical Activity Guide, the exercise effort for adults should be between:

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9. Rank the following exercises in order from least to most stable:

1. Seated calf raises

2. Standing one-leg calf raises

3. Standing calf raises

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10. For the exercise, Triceps Pressdown, what is the ANTAGONIST muscle involved and is it passively lengthening or passively shortening during the press DOWN phase?

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11. What are the major bones of the arm?

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12. You need to calculate the training heart rate zone for your 44 year old clients (with a resting heart rate of 72 bpm) using the Maximum Heart Rate Method (MHR). The recommended training zone will be 70-85%. Calculate the beats per minute (bpm).

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13. Muscle(s) responsible for: Flexion of the Knee:

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14. According to the Canada Food Guide (2011), adults require how many servings of Milk and Alternatives per day?

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15. Which of the following muscles are considered part of the rotator cuff?

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