BCRPA Scope of Practice and Age (Youth)

Answer from BCRPA (December 4, 2019) regarding the age of a client trainers all allowed to train (PT and Group):

“The Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Scope of Practice indicates (note portions underlined below):

1. Design and instruct a comprehensive, individualized, safe, effective and appropriate program to meet the needs of apparently healthy individuals or special populations (a) who have received medical clearance (b) based on the information provided in the Personal Training course.

(a) Special Populations: Seniors, youth, pre/post-natal women and persons with a disease or disorder (i.e., osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.).

(b) Medical Clearance: Medical clearance given to an individual to participate in a non-specialized (general) exercise program. Fitness leaders must ensure that they comply with the terms of such clearance as indicated by the medical practitioner regarding these individuals.

Youth is mentioned as a special population requiring additional training, but the age to determine youth is not defined. Thus we have arbitrarily used the age of 16 to define youth (less than 16 and the person would be considered a youth).

If a PT or GF instructor had additional qualifications in youth training / youth sport then they would satisfy the requirement for training in Special Populations – Youth.”

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