CERTIFICATION UPDATE (BCRPA) – Training / Insurance for training ‘youth’

In all BCRPA Scope of Practice documents, the term YOUTH is used, and labelled, as a Special Population requiring addition training.  However, the issue is the term YOUTH is not clearly defined. So, BCRPA, working in cooperation with HUB International (BCRPA’s Insurance Provider), now define the term YOUTH as follows:

  • Child: 12 years of age and under
  • Youth: 13 to 18 years of age
  • Adult: 19 years of age and over

This classification will provide more clarity to BCRPA Fitness Leaders regardless of specialty designation. However, the change does not remove your right to add the additional requirements when necessary;

  • To issue parental participant waivers when necessary
  • To ask for parental confirmation of medical clearance when necessary
  • To request parental written confirmation to participate when necessary

This leaves category of Child (under 12 ) requiring “Special Training”  which can be satisfied by taking the four (4) hour BCRPA High Five course “Principals of Healthy Child Development” ( https://www.bcrpa.bc.ca/courses/high-five/)

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