Sample BCRPA Weight Training ICE Videos

Here are a few sample BCRPA Weight Training ICE package videos to provide guidance when:

  • Recording your exercises for the ICE
  • Getting ready to performing your ICE at the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio

The exercises are listed on your Form D in the ICE package and include the following:

  1. Lat Pulldown (or equivalent)
  2. Seated Row (or equivalent)
  3. Bench / Chest Press (or equivalent)
  4. Shoulder Press (or equivalent)
  5. Leg Press (or equivalent)
  6. Leg Curl (or equivalent)
  7. Back Extension (or equivalent)
  8. Abdominal / Core
  9. Calf Raise
  10. Evaluator Choice (typically a biceps or triceps exercise)

The following videos below outline the level of detail expected for a near perfect mark.

Lat Pulldown (in front):


Modified Deadlift:

Abdominal Crunch:

Biceps Curls: