Body Fat (Skinfold) Testing

Body Fat Testing

KINESIOLOGISTS.CA offers the highly sought after Skinfold Clip Analysis body fat testing using Harpenden calipers.

Can’t lose fat despite working hard in the gym and eating a healthy diet? You will benefit from body fat testing.

    • You may have a hormonal imbalance that is holding you back.
    • Harness the power of your hormones to help you lose weight in specific areas.
    • Discover your specific road map to fat loss.
    • Lose fat in less time with less effort.

Why have a Skinfold Body Fat Analysis?

    • Body fat analysis looks at the location of your body fat in order to determine your specific biological signature.
    • The body stores fat in particular locations based on the internal chemistry of our hormones; for example, plenty of research has shown the correlation between abdominal fat and the level of our primary stress hormone, cortisol.
    • The analysis can help determine your hormone profile by measuring how much fat you store in specific areas of the body. The areas the fat is stored dictates how you can lose fat based upon your unique profile in less time and less effort.

What is included in the skinfold analysis?

    • Skinfold measurements at 10-12 specific sites.
    • Accurate body fat percentage (using up to 8 different calculation methods).
    • Analysis of personalized data (what are your problem sites and what does it mean).
    • Informational handout of what you can do to fix the problem with food, supplements, exercise and lifestyle practices.

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Skinfold Caliper Body Fat Test with Summary$89+GST
Skinfold Caliper Body Fat Test - RETEST$89+GST
USKULPT Body Fat Test with Summary$89+GST