Independent Trainer Program (ITP)

Independent Trainer Program at the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio (Cloverdale)

The wait is finally over – the opportunity for independent trainers to have a place to train their client’s without the hassle normally associated with big box gyms or recreation centres! Only a very limited number of trainers will have the opportunity to train their clients at our modern, private Cloverdale Studio.  So,  you had better sign-up for our Independent Trainer Program (ITP) before it is too late!

independent trainer program

Our own 4 Station KINESIS Wall

KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio (Cloverdale) is now offering personal trainers the opportunity to train clients without the worry and hassle about being a member or their client’s having to be a member of a specific gym!

Independent Training Program Highlights:

  • Location: KINESIOLOGISTS.CA Studio (Cloverdale) only
  • Cost: Singles ($10+GST) and Doubles ($18+GST).  No minimum.
  • Must complete interview progress where you will provide proof of certification.
  • Call us today to get started – 604-372-3233

For more information about our Independent Trainer Program (ITP), check out this link:

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