Could a person be fit and still considered fat?

I get asked this question on a regular basis from my clients – “Can a person be fit and still be considered fat?”  Great question with no easy answer.

This 2012 article from TIME magazine is a great article about this exact question.


The researchers examined data on 43,265 participants enrolled in the Aerobics Center Longitudinal Study between 1979 and 2003.

What were the takeaways:

  • Those who were fat but fit had no higher death risk than metabolically healthy normal weight participants
  • Someone who is fit is metabolically going to be far better off than someone who is unfit
  • Doctors and public health experts: get more exercise — whether you’re thin or fat

But, remember:

  • “You are still more likely to develop other metabolic risk factors that contribute to chronic disease if you’re overweight.”
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CERTIFICATION UPDATE (BCRPA) – Training / Insurance for training ‘youth’

In all BCRPA Scope of Practice documents, the term YOUTH is used, and labelled, as a Special Population requiring addition training.  However, the issue is the term YOUTH is not clearly defined. So, BCRPA, working in cooperation with HUB International (BCRPA’s Insurance Provider), now define the term YOUTH as follows:

  • Child: 12 years of age and under
  • Youth: 13 to 18 years of age
  • Adult: 19 years of age and over

This classification will provide more clarity to BCRPA Fitness Leaders regardless of specialty designation. However, the change does not remove your right to add the additional requirements when necessary;

  • To issue parental participant waivers when necessary
  • To ask for parental confirmation of medical clearance when necessary
  • To request parental written confirmation to participate when necessary

This leaves category of Child (under 12 ) requiring “Special Training”  which can be satisfied by taking the four (4) hour BCRPA High Five course “Principals of Healthy Child Development” (

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PART 1: Transferring Personal Training qualifications to BCRPA

PART 1: Transferring Personal Training qualifications to BCRPA

This is Part 1 of 3 regarding questions around transferring to BCRPA from other certifications.  This information is from the BCRPA directly.

bcrpaStart Point One: Trainer resides in Canada and has ACE PT, NSCA PT, etc wants to transfer qualifications to BCRPA has 2 steps.

  1. Complete the Personal Trainer – Instructor Competency Evaluation (PT-ICE) called the PT Transfer ICE.  This will include items, such The Fitness Registry and CEC requirements.
  2. Provide a 3-year work resume in the field of specialty with references. For example, if apply for a Qualification Transfer in January 2020 – then work resume must cover the period January 2017 to January 2020.  This is to deter applicants from Canada coming in the back door – for example, a student wishing to become PT could weigh the options and decide to that they could get an ACE PT certification quicker and cheaper than an BCRPA PT Certification, so why not do the ACE PT certification and then just transfer qualifications.  To require 3-years of work experience prior to the transfer request places a damper on getting the ACE PT and transferring it to BCRPA.

Transferring to the BCRPA can often be a daunting process, but we at KINESIOLOGISTS.CA are here to help  – and minimize the time, energy and cost to complete the process.  Call us for more information – (604) 372 – 3233.    -Aaron

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BCRPA Scope of Practice and Age (Youth)

Answer from BCRPA (December 4, 2019) regarding the age of a client trainers all allowed to train (PT and Group):

“The Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Scope of Practice indicates (note portions underlined below):

1. Design and instruct a comprehensive, individualized, safe, effective and appropriate program to meet the needs of apparently healthy individuals or special populations (a) who have received medical clearance (b) based on the information provided in the Personal Training course.

(a) Special Populations: Seniors, youth, pre/post-natal women and persons with a disease or disorder (i.e., osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.).

(b) Medical Clearance: Medical clearance given to an individual to participate in a non-specialized (general) exercise program. Fitness leaders must ensure that they comply with the terms of such clearance as indicated by the medical practitioner regarding these individuals.

Youth is mentioned as a special population requiring additional training, but the age to determine youth is not defined. Thus we have arbitrarily used the age of 16 to define youth (less than 16 and the person would be considered a youth).

If a PT or GF instructor had additional qualifications in youth training / youth sport then they would satisfy the requirement for training in Special Populations – Youth.”

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Wonderful message to receive on a Friday morning…

When client’s express positive thoughts and appreciation, as a trainer / kinesiologist, it makes my week! Here is a message I received today:

“We are almost at our one year anniversary of working together. With 50 pounds down I am generally feeling much better and looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring me. I don’t want to state just how many more pounds I would like to lose – I know that my body will tell me when we are at the right number – but I know there are still a few more to go! It is so exciting to see my body transformation and to recognize the signs of better physical health. My husband I both owe you so much for helping me (and consequently both of us) commit to a healthier lifestyle. We are thankful to you for your patient and encouraging help to guide me through my recovery journey. Your guidance has given me hope of seeing a time when my pain is somewhat diminished or at least manageable. Before I began working with you I was unsure how I would tolerate the pain in my future years. Now it doesn’t seem so debilitating as I know what I can do to help myself cope. Thank you.”   — Sandra G.

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How to Order the BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam

How to Order the BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam

Click this link to be taken to the page to order the BCRPA Fitness Theory Exam: Click Here

Once you complete payment, an email will be sent to you, within 3 business days, containing detailed instructions on how to access the online exam.

After purchasing the exam, be sure you have access to the following on exam day:

  • Photo ID
  • Computer with internet access, webcam, microphone, and speaker
  • Mirror or phone (to show beneath the desk and the walls

Still have questions?  Feel free to call us at (six-zero-four) 372-3233 or email us at

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