Gym Employee? Signed a non-compete contract? READ THIS!

Are you new to the fitness field and now working at a ‘Big-Box’ gym that had you sign a non-complete clause in an employment contract?  Read this article (click here to read the full article: LINK).

Typically, when a trainer leaves an employer, they may be taking with them a list of loyal clients.

To prevent a loss of confidential information and unfair competition, the employer may draft restrictive terms to protect their business.  For example – as the trainer, you may not contact any of your clients for 1 year or may not work for any company in the fitness field within 5-10 kms of the original business.

HOWEVER, our courts have been reluctant to enforce the terms in the contract – finding that they are by default impermissible restraints on trade.

Find yourself in this position? Seek legal advice before quitting the fitness field if you find yourself!



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12 New Year’s resolutions to help you build a healthier business

The following information is from the this article (and for more details): Click here

1. Make financial projections for the coming year
2. Tune up your strategic plan
3. Set up an advisory board
4. Get up to speed on online marketing
5. Use more technology in your business
6. Review your sales targets
7. Get your business processes down on paper
8. Clean up your place of business
9. Learn to take your time when hiring
10. Introduce a performance management system
11. Schedule regular meetings with your key suppliers
12. Plan you days ahead

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What is the upper limit of training volume for gains?

This is another great article by Menno Henselmans: Click Here >>

What is the upper limit of training volume for gains?

Menno’s take-home message:

  • Training to failure all the time is probably not a good idea.
  • Training a muscle only once a week doesn’t cut it for trained individuals with  higher volumes.
  • Muscle size does not seem to change the training volume dose-response relation. Smaller and bigger muscles thus probably have similar optimal training volumes.
  • When training to failure and performing all your weekly volume in one workout, doing more than 5-10 sets likely results in overreaching and sabotages your gains.
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Our Latest Award

Our latest award!

Top 40 Kinesiology Blogs and Websites For Kinesiologists

The Best Kinesiology blogs from thousands of top Kinesiology blogs in our index using search and social metrics. (

  • These blogs are ranked based on following criteria
  • Google reputation and Google search ranking
  • Influence and popularity on Facebook, twitter and other social media sites
  • Quality and consistency of posts
  • Feedspot’s editorial team and expert review

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Grandma Hazel (96 years old) training for the Inside Ride

Check this article out about Grandma Hazel (96 years old) training for the Inside Ride with our very own, Shannon Whieldon!

B.C. grandma, 96, preps for a bike race with a good cause

Click here to watch the video of the training Grandma Hazel does with Shannon at her place of residence:

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HIRING: Fitness Jobs in Richmond (Minoru Centre)

Position Title: Fitness Leaders/Various

Location: Minoru Centre, Richmond, BC

Terms: Casual/Part-time

Shift: Flexible – weekends and evenings                           

Richmond Fitness & Wellness Association is accepting Expression of Interests for the following positions:

  • Fitness Attendants – Provide excellent customer service to fitness centre patrons; supervise drop-in times for specific user groups (e.g. youth, older adults, cardiac rehab, etc.); conduct tours and orientations; provide fitness coaching and consultations; teach small group circuit classes; and maintain a clean and safe environment
  • Personal Trainers – Use fitness knowledge to provide customized instructions and programs to motivate, inspire and coach patrons to meet their fitness and wellness goals (Personal Trainers must also have shifts as a Fitness Attendant)
  • Group Fitness Instructors – Develop and lead fun and safe classes for diverse groups; bring enthusiasm for fitness, movement and music to empower patrons to pursue their fitness goals
  • Aquafit Instructors – Develop and lead fun and safe classes for diverse groups in an aquatic environment; encourage and educate patrons on the benefits of aquatic fitness and meet diverse needs in a social and dynamic class
  • Yoga/Pilates Instructors – Develop and lead fun and safe classes for diverse groups; engage with patrons to create experiences that encourage and support flexibility, strength and relaxation
  • Specialty Fitness Instructors (e.g. older adult, TRX, special populations, etc.) – Develop and lead fun and safe classes for specialized groups; share your expertise on innovative new fitness trends and use research based practices to meet unique fitness and health needs

Fitness leaders must be registered with the BCRPAor a suitable equivalent in their respective area(s). Preference will be given to those with certifications and a desire to work in multiple areas. Shifts will vary in length with opportunities to combine roles for longer shifts (e.g. Fitness Attendant + Group Fitness)

Fitness Services are delivered in partnership with the City of Richmond and the Richmond Fitness & Wellness Association. All fitness leaders will be employees of Richmond Fitness & Wellness Association and may work at Minoru Centre for Active Living and/or Watermania.

 How to Apply

Please submit an Expressions of Interest form

along with your resume to or drop off at Minoru Aquatic Centre. Applications will be reviewed on an ongoing basis and  kept on file till January 2019.

Select candidates will be contacted for an interview and audition leading up to the opening of Minoru Centre for Active Living. Please visit for the latest updates.

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