Now offering: BCRPA Older Adult Certification Course by Correspondence

BCRPA Older Adult Course by Correspondence

BCRPA Older Adult Certification Course by Correspondence

We are so proud to offer the BCRPA approved Older Adult Leadership course by Correspondence.  Our correspondence course is 9 assignments and will guide you through such areas as how to:

  • Provide initial health screening and lead participants who provide a healthy selfreport or have medical clearance to participate in an exercise program (i.e. ParQ+, PAR Med-X, waiver, and consent form).
  • Lead exercise programs for older adults based on the information contained in the NFLA standards and guidelines.
  • Design, modify and lead an older adult exercise program by providing appropriate exercises in order to meet the needs of participants.
  • Incorporate the use of appropriate equipment based on identified or implied needs of the participants.
  • Promote the benefits of regular physical activity combined with a healthy and balanced diet using Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide as a reference.
  • Create a professional environment whereby the independent, inactive and independent active older adult can improve or maintain their physical function (as identified in the W.H.O. Health-Fitness Gradient).
  • Provide emergency care based on the participant needs and/or according to facility protocol.

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Please note:  BCRPA Provincial exam and practical ICE Evaluation are not included in the course price.  Written BCRPA exam is online and written through  For ICE evaluations, please see the following page for our prices – Click Here >>

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