Online Training? Read this about insurance immediately!

Insurance Coverage for 2021 Online Training

HUB International TOS Limited will continue to provide coverage for online training sessions in 2021!  They will be covering pre-recorded online content as well! (A disclaimer is required for all non-2-way communication, see full coverage information here.)


There will be an additional premium of $15.00 which allows a certified trainer to offer unlimited online training until December 31, 2021 ($10 for insurance + $5 to cover administrative costs).  This insurance must be purchased every year. If purchased it in 2020, it will need to be purchased again for 2021.  Note this is a flat fee for the year, so purchase early to maximize your coverage in 2021.

HUB International is requiring payment for this online insurance to be processed by BCRPA.  It will be available to purchase directly through your account on The Registry® of Fitness Professionals – available for purchase from approximately January 12 onward.

To view the restrictions on this coverage please follow this link and look under the “Insurance” tab:

Online Insurance for Personal Trainers

Personal Trainers can purchase this online insurance directly through HUB when they purchase their General Liability insurance. Rates for online Personal Training:

  • $1 million liability $25/year
  • $2 million liability $30/year
  • $5 million liability $40/year
  • To pay, please contact HUB directly by calling 604-269-1919.

For all insurance related questions please contact HUB International directly by email ( or by calling 604-269-1919.

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