Neck Exercises

The following healthcare information is intended as an information resource only and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Standing external rotation (away from wall with neck rotation)

Stand with your heels, bum, upper back, and the back of your head touching the wall. Have your arms in a position so that the angle between your forearms and biceps is roughly 90 degrees. Have your palms facing upwards. Exhale as you pull the wrists away from each other as you try to get your thumbs as close to the wall behind you as possible. A resistance band may be added depending on the degree of existing difficulty. You should feel your shoulder blades squeezing together and back into the wall as you do this.
prone Ls
Standing chin tucks

Stand with your heels, bum, and upper back touching the wall. Keep your core engaged (depending on what your kinesiologist has instructed, you might have to tuck in your pelvis). Tuck your chin in so that it is parallel to the floor. Pull your head back towards the wall. At the same time, pull the head upwards. Imagine pulling your head back to the wall as a rope is pulling your head up; lengthening your spine. You should feel this at the front of the neck, and a lengthening opening feeling anywhere from your mid back up to the neck. Return back to starting position unless instructed by your kinesiologist. Repeat.
prone Ls
Standing chin tucks with band resistance

Face the wall with the palms of your hand flat. Have your arms straight. You are holding an elastic cable in this position, with a part of the band looped around the back of your neck. You want grasp the cable so that an appropriate amount of resistance is felt pulling on the neck. Pull your head back in the opposite direction of the cable pulling you. Keep your chin tucked in as you do this. Imagine a rope is pulling your head away from the feet as you do this as well.
prone Ls
Standing straight arm pulldowns (with neck lateral flexion)

Stand tall with your shoulders back and down, and core engaged. Feet shoulder width apart. A slight bend in your knees is fine. Keep your arms straight as you pull the cable down to just past your torso. You should feel this in the armpit region. Be sure to not let yourself hunch forward. Exhale as you pull down. Once your arms are at the side of your body, gently tilt your head to the side (lateral flexion). Hold for 3-10 seconds. Bring your head back to neutral position. Return your arms back to the starting position, without letting your shoulders shrug. Repeat the movement but now tilt your head to the opposite side.
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