Protocol – Flexibility (B)

Sit & Reach B (ACE Tape Measure Version) Assessment

CAUTION: If you have high blood pressure (140/90 mmHg), lower back issues, hip issues, etc.  DO NOT perform this test prior to receiving medical clearance to do so. Information provided solely as a reference and should not be performed without proper training or certification.

Equipment Required:

  • Sit-and-reach with tape Measure (ACE Protocol). Feet at 15 inch measurement mark.


  • sit_reachDo some light cardiovascular activity to warm up the leg muscles. You will need to stretch out the hamstring and low back muscles before you begin this test.
    • Perform the modified hurdler stretch for 20 seconds on each leg. Repeat a second time.
  • Feet 12 inches apart.
  • Heels aligned with the tape measure at the 15 inch mark.
  • Feet 12 inches apart.
  • sit_reach_bFingers should maintain contact with the tape.
  • Reach as far forward as possible, palms down and one hand placed on top of the other. Hold the position of maximum reach for 2 seconds. Keep the legs straight at all times.
  • Exhale and slowly lean forward while dropping the head.
  • Fingers should maintain contact with the tape.
  • Repeat the assessment and the score is the most distant point reached with the fingertips and measured to the nearest quarter-inch.


  • Record best flexion distance ________ inches (nearest 1/4 inch).
  • Rate forward flexion distance using the chart below

Table: Sit & Reach using Tape Measure