Wonderful message to receive on a Friday morning…

When client’s express positive thoughts and appreciation, as a trainer / kinesiologist, it makes my week! Here is a message I received today:

“We are almost at our one year anniversary of working together. With 50 pounds down I am generally feeling much better and looking forward to seeing what the next year will bring me. I don’t want to state just how many more pounds I would like to lose – I know that my body will tell me when we are at the right number – but I know there are still a few more to go! It is so exciting to see my body transformation and to recognize the signs of better physical health. My husband I both owe you so much for helping me (and consequently both of us) commit to a healthier lifestyle. We are thankful to you for your patient and encouraging help to guide me through my recovery journey. Your guidance has given me hope of seeing a time when my pain is somewhat diminished or at least manageable. Before I began working with you I was unsure how I would tolerate the pain in my future years. Now it doesn’t seem so debilitating as I know what I can do to help myself cope. Thank you.”   — Sandra G.

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