BCRPA Certification Process

BCRPA Certification Process

BCRPA’s certification process is quite simple.  To become a Weight Training Instructor, Group Fitness Instructor, Yoga Instructor or a Personal Trainer, there are 3 primary courses you must complete along with the required exams. Each of the courses and their requirements are listed below. For a summaryclick here to view.

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1. Fitness Theory Course

The Fitness Theory Course will teach you how your body functions and responds to exercise and increase your awareness of fitness and health. You will learn that through exercise you will gain physical, social and emotional well-being developing your active health. This course is the prerequisite for becoming an instructor in Weight Training, Group Fitness, Aquatics, Older Adult, or a Personal Trainer. Click here to register >>

Course Content:

  • How to develop a basic workout program, fitness principles, heart rate monitoring, and preventing injuries;
  • Physiology: including energy systems, cardio-respiratory systems and fat-burning;
  • Anatomy: including bones and muscles and how they grow stronger through exercise;
  • Exercise Risks Sports Injuries and Treatments: Learn to avoid, recognize and treat common sports injuries;
  • Safety in Exercise Design: Learn the safest and most effective ways to workout;
  • Nutrition, Diet and Exercise: You will learn about protein, carbohydrates, other supplements and healthy eating for fitness;
  • Strength, Flexibility and Cross-Training: Understand the principles of stretching, how muscles gain strength and how to combine the two for muscle balance.
  • And much, much more!

Prerequisites: None!

Exam Requirements:  BCRPA Fitness Theory Written Exam (60 multiple choice – 1 hour). Current fee $110. Written at your convenience via proctoru.com.

2. Weight Training Course

The Weight Training Module is a practical course designed to teach leadership skills for exercise instruction and program design in a weight room setting. Click here to register >>

Course Content:

  • Learn more about the industry;
  • Learn about the various training equipment modalities;
  • Design effective and efficient weight training programs for a variety of ages, stages and special needs groups;
  • Review of anatomy and physiology as it relates to weight training;
  • Learn effective counselling and communication skills;
  • Practical application of scientific training principles; nutrition, supplements; professional ethics and career direction.
  • Spend over 7 hours of hands on time in the gym learning how to use the equipment and instruct others – a fundamental component of being a professional trainer.


  • Successful completion of the Fitness Theory course.  If you have not completed the exam, you can still register and take the weight training course.  You’ll not be able to complete the Weight Training ICE;
  • Written and passed the BCRPA fitness theory exam – RECOMMENDED but not required. To complete the Weight Training ICE, you’ll have to complete this step first;
  • Current certificate in basic First Aid and CPR.
  • Registered as a Fitness Leader with BCRPA (paid your $95 fee) – to complete the Weight Training ICE, you’ll have to complete this step.

Exam Requirements:

  • BCRPA Instructor Competency Exam – ICE (2 hour practical exam in the gym).  Extra fee applies.

3. Personal Training Course

The final step in becoming a BCRPA certified Personal Trainer. The course will give you the tools to safely and confidently design personalized fitness programs for your clients. Click here to register >>

Course Content:

  • The course guides you through the ACE manual and covers: anatomy, physiology, anatomical planes, practical application of lever principles, nutrition, the effects of medications and certain food, health screening, testing and evaluation, medical limitation, cardio respiratory program design, muscular strength and endurance program design, machines vs. free weights, postural analysis, stretching program design, adherence, motivation, counselling  communication, legal issues and business administration.
  • This very thorough course will ensure you are comfortable training your clients.


  • Completion the Fitness Theory Course
  • Completion of the Weight Training Course
  • Written and passed the BCRPA Fitness Theory exam
  • Passed the BCRPA Weight Training ICE
  • Basic First Aid and CPR
  • BCRPA Registered.
  • Completed 20 basic training programs (have sign-off by supervisor);
  • Recommended, but not required: ACE Personal Trainers Manual – 5th edition (not included in price).

Exam Requirements:

  • BCRPA Instructor Competency Exam – ICE (1.5 hour practical exam). Extra fee applies.
  • BCRPA PT Written Exam (60 multiple choice, matching & 1 scenario question – 3 hours). Current fee is $70 (no tax). Written at the BCRPA office in Vancouver.

Fine Print: You are personally responsible for obtaining any and all pre-requisites for the courses or exams/evaluation offered by KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) you register in (classroom or correspondence versions or ICE’s).  It is not  KINESIOLOGISTS.CA’s (Infocus Wellness Inc dba) position to determine if you are eligible to take a course or exam/evaluation. Should you decide to take a course or exams/evaluation in an incorrect sequence, KINESIOLOGISTS.CA (Infocus Wellness Inc dba), the instructors or assistants cannot be held responsible in any way.  Also, making incorrect statements about your certification completions at any time could render your certification invalid by the provincial certification association.  Please read our Terms and Conditions contract before ordering: Click Here >>