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Assessment Protocols and Normative Values (Norms)

BCRPA Personal Trainer Course Review

The purpose of the Assessment Protocols and Norms is to provide review information on how to assess fitness in the areas of cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, and body composition. The assessment information is provided on an “as is” basis and KINESIOLOGISTS.CA will not be held liable for the use or misuse of any or all information provided. The assessment tools are available because of the successful completion of the KINESIOLOGISTS.CA or VIP Fitness Personal Training Course. Only students who wish to know the information gained from the classroom review should use the information. Any student wishing to participate in the assessment protocol should adhere to the guidelines listed below for each test. Before completing any test related to the evaluation, remember to adhere to the following:

  • Before beginning any assessment everyone MUST complete a PAR-Q. If you or your client answered ‘Yes’ on any response, medical clearance is required prior to beginning.
  • All protocol must be followed as written.
  • Contact KINESIOLOGISTS.CA for a copy of the assessment recording sheet

Not all the protocols and norms have been added to the website, so please be patient.  Here  are links to information currently on the site:


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