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Personal Training Practice Prep Exam


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Free Sample Personal Training Practice Exam

This is a free sample preparation exam for the Personal Training Exam. The following questions will test your current knowledge level. Please be sure to read each question carefully.

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1. A 33 year-old, 5'1" (155-cm) woman has been working with a personal trainer for 6 months. During that time, the client's primary modes of exercise have been walking and jogging in an effort to lower her percent body fat. Her initial and most recent body composition tests revealed these results:

  • January 1:  130 pounds (59 kgs)  Bodyfat = 30%
  • June 30:  124 pounds (56 kgs)  Bodyfat = 25%

Approximately how much body fat has this client lost since her first body composition evaluation?

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2. When should the personal trainer administer an informed consent form to a client?

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3. Which of the following movement(s) is / are performed by the Transversus abdominus?

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4. Resistance exercise augments aerobic endurance performance by which of the following?

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5. Your have a new 34 years old male client who smokes 8 cigarettes per day, has a cholesterol level of 195 mg/dL, and a total cholesterol/HDL ratio of 3.5. As a trainer, which of the following choices is correct?

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6. Which of the following movements would be performed in the Frontal Plane?

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7. Which strategy will best ensure agreement between the client and trainer with respect to motivation and goals?

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8. As a personal trainer, the most appropriate, long-term and safe method for weight loss includes:

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9. All of the following are appropriate activities to use as a warm-up for an upper body resistance training workout EXCEPT:

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10. Your client would like to determine, as accurately as possible, her percent body fat.  Which of the following methods could be used if her goal is also not to spend too much money to have it completed?

  1. Underwater Weighing
  2. Skinfold Caliper
  3. Handheld Bio-electrical Impedance
  4. BMI
  5. DEXA Scan

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11. What is a major risk factor for CAD (Coronary Artery Disease)?

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12. Which is result of:

  • Heart Rate x Stroke Volume = ?

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13. Which of the following methods is most accurate for assessing body composition?

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14. Which of the following factors discovered at a preparticipation health appraisal screening reveal a client's risk of coronary artery disease?

  1. HDL: 33 mg/dl
  2. Family history: uncle died of stroke at age 42
  3. Blood pressure: 128/88 mmHg
  4. Quit smoking 60 days ago

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15. A 35-year-old female began an exercise program four months ago in which she has been running on the treadmill four days per week. Which of the following describes the adaptations that are most likely to occur with this program?

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