Protocol – Girths

Girth Measurements

This is an important section as it is one of the areas you will be required to know and will be tested on during the Personal Trainer ICE.

  • There are many areas which girth can be measured – typically chest, shoulders, waist, hips, thigh, abdominal, calf, ankle, upper arm, and wrist.
  • The 4 girths you will have to demonstrate competency are:
Waist – most noticeable narrowing (typically above the height of the belly button).

Abdomen or Umbilical - circumference at the belly button.

**Note the difference between the abdomen girth and the waist girth.
Hips – at the greatest gluteal protuberance (where the bum sticks out the most). Make sure the feet are together
Thigh – typically 2 inches below the gluteal fold (just below the butt cheek). This is considered a “no fly zone” in my books, so it is best to measure mid-thigh to be safe and avoid an uncomfortable or embarrassing situation
Upper Arm – can be flexed (peak of the biceps) or arm hanging to the side (midway)